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The Band Geek Mafia Take It All Away Lyrics

Last updated: 05/27/2008 11:00:00 AM

I’ve always been the one
to smile I’ve always been a fake
I was like you
Just formed between your hands
And everything was alright!

But now my surface’s changing
You’re afraid of what I’ve become
The grub hatched out
Is there a doubt?
The core’s the same…

We can start a fire that will light up
The night I’m all alone
When the sun goes down you’ll take it all away

You won’t accept my decisions
And won’t accept my new formed shell
I’m a thorn in your side
You ripped my heart out of my
Then you put it back!

Do you think I hate you right now?
Did you forget the silent listener?
You hypocrite!
The lesson is learned,
You won’t change!

We can start a fire that will light up
The night, I’m all alone
The sun goes down and you’ll take it all away

You can’t take it all away!!!

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