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Green Day Take Back Lyrics

Last updated: 11/23/2012 11:18:24 AM

You pushed me once too far again.
I'd like to break you fucking teeth.
Stick a knife in the center of your back.
You better grow some eyes in the back of your head.
I fight dirty, just like your looks.
Can't take, can't take, can't take anymore.

Take back.
Take back.

The taste of bad blood on the tip of my tongue.
An eye for an eye, gun for a gun.
Cold-cocked and I'm taking back what's mine.
Expect it when you're least expecting it.
No loss of love, the smell of regret.
Lights out can't take anymore.

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Sweeeet | Reviewer: Fink | 11/22/12

I love angry songs. Oh, and Green Day is not the only pop punj band worth listening to, even though they are my favorites. Try Sex Pistols, the Who, or the Clash.

And if you were a real fan of GD, you would know that Billie uses that cookie monster growl a lot live. Watch the Goat Island concert on YouTube.

HOLY FUDGE MUFFINS!!! | Reviewer: Geena | 7/26/11

Honestly, you might all think or say: "This is the best song off of Nimrod!". For me, it's the second- DON'T GET MAD! Theres a reason why it's second. Yes, this song does affect a person in my life and it's good classic punk, but Platypus (I Hate You) is #1 for me, no... Actually i shouldn't say it's #1, 'cause ALL Green Day songs are #1 (in my opinion). But I really don't have a "favorite" song. There all good, just admit it. Green Day gives you that kind of music where you can't even say the words "favorite" or "on a scale of [insert number] to [insert number]". It's just what they want to put out into our system.

! | Reviewer: jam | 12/30/09

this song is NOT metal nor is it screamo. This is personally my favorite green day song ever. It's very influenced by hardcore punk! This is most definately a Punk song, just listen to the drums. As we all know Green Day are a pop punk band. This is more like the casualties or bad brains... If you like green day's rougher punkier stuff like this and platypus or I want to be on Tv, you should check out the misfits, danzig and michale graves...:p... This is a great hardcore punk song!:)

gosh... | Reviewer: jam | 12/30/09

k. So some of you guys seem pretty dim..:p. Its NOT metal nor is it screamo... It's called PUNK!:) As we all know green day are a pop punk band (the only one worth listening to). But this song along with I Want To Be On TV and Platypus are more pure punk. . Haven't you ever heard the Casualties? Misfits?. Take Back is a hardcore punk song, you can tell by the drums that its not metal. It's still punk dudes, just heavier... Anyway's if you dig their rougher punkier songs you should check out the misfits, casualties, bad brains - then you'll see this sound (musically /vocally) most certainly punk...

duh | Reviewer: vikki | 12/30/09

okay, some of you seem pretty fucking dim..:).. Sorry but it's called punk. This is a punk song. Not screamo? Or whatever. As we all know green day are a pop punk band. This song however is more pure punk hence the vocals. Haven't you ever heard the casualties, the misfits?? Its not death or screamo dudes, it's punk!.... But anyway. I love this song, green day are one of the few popy bands which i absolutely love. but if you dig their faster, punkier songs you should check out the misfits :p ...

duh | Reviewer: flydoghambrainduh | 12/30/09

yo, dudes. It's not screamo, it's PUNK! :). As we all know green day are a pop punk band (the only one i find worth listening at that) and this song is more pure punk, hence the vocals. Haven't you ever heard the casualties? Or the misfits? ... It's not metal... It's punk dude... You can tell by the drums...:p. Anyway if you dig songs like this and platypus you should check out the Misfits... But anyway i love this song - wish green day did more songs like this and 'i want to be on tv'...:p

HELL YES | Reviewer: MadbananamaN | 4/24/09

Wonderful track! So effing hardcore!
This song is about not being able to forgive someone for what they did to him.
It differs from Platypus (i hate you) in the way that Billie wrote Platypus about a magazine writer that hated them. here is the full explanation for platypus:
This song is about a person who gets pleasure out of seeing others in pain. Billie Joe wrote this about a magazine writer who trashed them after Dookie came out, during Kerplunk! He loved them they we�re and would always be the best no matter what�but then he acted like an asshole, Billie decided to release on nimrod instead of insomniac because he felt it show him they�ve grown�but he died before the album came out.

Mad Good!! | Reviewer: Tyler Stanton | 12/31/07

OK... I think its kinda crazy that Billie Joe tried some cookie monster growl (thats what its really called) its a pretty good song though, I just wish it were longer.

TAKE BACK | Reviewer: Amanda | 9/23/07

This is deffinatly my favorite song on the album. And the screamo part, kind of scares me because I've never heard Billie do that kind of thing except on this song. But all in all, amazing song.

Holy Snizzle! | Reviewer: Hillary | 8/6/07

This is my favorite song on the album, but it's kinda freaky. He seems to hate someone a lot on Nimrod, with this and Platypus... And yes, Billie shouldn't go for screamo. ;B

XD | Reviewer: Layla | 6/25/07

This song makes me laugh so hard, and I don't know why! Maybe because it is really random to hear Billie attempt hardcore-screamo... but that's okay =D It just... ah, it makes me laugh.

holly what were you saying! | Reviewer: green day meister! | 4/18/07

8/10 are you insane it deserves and 15/10 which is impossible just like how impossible that song is to play (its hell)[oh and no offense Holly]

------------Take Back---------------- | Reviewer: Holly | 12/26/05

On the Album Nimrod, this is track 15. this song is an extreemly out of nowhere metal song about someone Billie Joe hates. I personally like this song except for the cussing. He is screaming in the chorus. If you can take cuss words this is a funny hate song. I give it a 8/10

\m/ | Reviewer: | 10/10/05

Great, I checked them with the one's in the jacket thing, whatever it is. They are the same, from what I could tell, anyway.