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Stretch Arm Strong Take Back. Control Lyrics

Last updated: 11/27/2002 01:28:35 AM

degradation sets in her eyes. A lifeless figure full of desire. WE do nothing as she expires. we do nothing as she expires. the rules are set. curse the liar. victimization of another. a hopeful breath that will be smothered. fear meets deperation as she walks alone. Undeserving of this fate that's been cast into stone. Sexual violence destroys silently. Sexual violence kills violently. Beauty is not shown on a movie screen. Self-worth is not depicted in a magazine. You(we) are worth so much more. You(we) have so much to give. Inside is where the beauty prevails. Strength and courage are not for sale. Take back control. take back the night. Take back control. take back your life.
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