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Natalie Cole Take A Look Lyrics

Last updated: 10/26/2001 02:24:43 AM

Take a look in the mirror, look at yourself

But don't you look too close, cause you just might see the person

That you hate the most, Lord, what's happening to this human race

I can't even see one friendly face, brothers fight brothers and sisters wink their eyes

While silver tongues bear fruits of poison lies, take a look at your children

Born innocent, every boy and every girl, denying themselves a real chance

To build a better world, oh! Dear Lord what's happening to your precious dream

I think its washing away on a bloody, bloody stream, yes, take a look at your children

Before it's too late, and tell them nobody, nobody wins when the prize is hate

Oh, no, no, no It's not too late, we gotta tell all of our children

That love, love, love is the way, yeah, yeah
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