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Corrupt, you're corrupt,
and Bring corruption to all that you touch.

Hold, you’ll behold,
And be holden for all that you’ve done.

And Spell, cast a spell,
Cast a spell on the country you run.

And risk, you will risk,
You will risk all their lives and their souls.

And burn, you will burn,
You will burn in hell, yeah you’ll burn in hell.
You’ll burn in hell, yeah you’ll burn in hell for your sins.

And our freedom's consuming itself,
What we've become is contrary to what we want
Take a bow.

Death, you bring death and destruction to all that you touch.

Pay, you must pay
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You must pay for your crimes against the earth.

Hex, feed the hex
Feed the hex on the country you love

And Beg, you will beg
You will beg for their lives and their souls.

Burn, you will burn,
You will burn in hell, yeah you’ll burn in hell,
You’ll burn in hell, yeah you’ll burn in hell,
Burn in hell, yeah you'll burn in hell for your sins.

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obituary | Reviewer: michael | 1/12/14

I play take a bow whenever someone dies that this song refers to,
while looking at a photo of them. Latest 1/11/14 Ariel Sharon good riddance. The list is long and includes all of the real 911 criminals and all who support the official laughable conspiracy and so many more. I hope I live long enough to hear this song over and over again.

pictures | Reviewer: bob | 12/29/10

everytime i hear a song i picture a little film in my head :) this one starts off i picture mankind, we always are making mistakes and almost everything we touch it corrupted with our own nature... "take a bow", this song is about how we as humans are so corrupt and evil and though we feel it is still needed to take a bow because we are so selfish

nice song | Reviewer: Calmeister | 8/17/10

Most (not all) of muse's songs are about the New World Order - Mind Control being the most frequent of subjects (HAARP - is a live album, MK Ultra, etc...) and Black Holes And Revelations has a picture of declassified Project: MK Ultra documents :)

good music | Reviewer: bluedarknezz | 7/31/10

Muse like always with it's space-ish music, this song have a great arrangement with the slow music at the beginning and progress faster til the song ended, if you notice also the bass is very blended with the synth, and once again Chris vocal is very strong giving more power in this song. i think this song is very worth to listen =)

very dark beautiful song | Reviewer: B | 5/28/10

This song is very beautiful and dark. from my interpretaion the song is about how some one did something so wrong you couldnt fix it and that you will have to pay for what you did. anyways muse is an amazing band and will never cese to amaze me muse are rock gods.

Anyone else reminded,,, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/10

...of A Clockwork Orange when listening to this? It has the same kind of layered synth sound as used throughout the film. Muse are just an incredible band. Beautiful music. Nice to hear that there are still some bands out there not churning out manufactured crap like 90% of current chart music.

Muse are pretty awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/10

U guys who are squabbling over the government thing dont get it, its just because a band has lyrics that seem to be against the government doesnt mean they are building a secret underground army of anti capitalisms. the lyrics just reflect a refreshing point of view on politics and are awesome to listen to.

i found that reading some JOHN TITOR quotes while listening to this album goes great.

Hommage to Philip Glass | Reviewer: Nemo | 12/4/09

The arpeggio and the way the bass is coming on the octave is typical of Philip Glass composition. But here the bass come on the first time and in Philip Glass on the second time.
This love on Glass works is obvious in all Muse album even in the way chords are following each others.
Great artists !!!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/09

If I had to describe Muse in 3 words...

Powerful, Truthful, and Chemistry

Best band of this generation in my opinion. And by a landslide. No other band even comes close to the talent, chemistry, and meaning that Muse brings to the table. No other band of this generation releases ALL amazing music. I compare the Muse of today, to a Led Zeppelin of the 70's. Or a Rage Against the Machine of the 90's. Bands that will live on forever in their music.

You dont hear timeless music often anymore. Thank you Muse for blowing all our minds over and over again. Truelly epic.

Amazing... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/09

Muse surpasses far beyond, their often multi-layered lyrics and beautiful compositions astound. This song IS about such things as leaders of nations, about corruption, casting a "spell" (lies) over your country, feeding the hate towards your country that you claim you love and saying that you "will pay for crimes against the earth" so great so great

I second sarah! | Reviewer: Brad | 7/3/09

This song and virtually all of Muse songs are based on or contain an anti NWO messages.
Muse hate the NWO/Illuminati/Corporation conspiracy and if you like there music then odds are you would be very interested in these subjects as these are the enemy of humanity in the modern age.

Check out infowars.com and listen to the Alex Jones show for more info

oh sheeple, sheeple, sheeple.... | Reviewer: Sarah Harm | 6/26/09

The song is about the new world order, plain and simple. Presidents are just puppets.

You might, I'm not sure, be able to trust libertarians but thats about it.

You want someone/something to blame/hate start with the United Nations and Federal Reserve or the people who run them.

Youtube/Google operation garden plot

Umm... | Reviewer: Get in focus | 6/8/09

Is there anyone here who would like to comment on the beautiful orchestration and complexities that this song is rich with?

Or is everyone here content with just babbling on about useless politics?

What an amazing song.

MmmmmmmmMUSE! | Reviewer: Brett | 5/14/09

Why would it be about the American Government specifically?
Egotistical much? Not everything is about America.

I love the music to this especially when it gets to death, the composition just turns EPIC. Muse never seizes to amaze me with their music and lyrics.

Muse ftw.

huh? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/09

if we're gonna get all worked up about the meaning of the lyrics, surely this song is about post-modern society as a whole rather than a specific political party or process?

it's talking about anyone thats taken a job they hate because of the money, whose bought something because it's 'the thing to have' rather than actually wanting it. to anyone that feels guilt about climate change but still drives an SUV or takes 3 transatlantic flights a year.
to boil it all down to being a bit annoyed at america seems like the worst sort of simplication.

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