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Tadpole Biography

Last updated: 11/29/2002 03:40:45 AM

Auckland band, Tadpole formed in 1994, Tadpole is singer Renee Brennan, drummer Dean Lawton, guitarist Chris Yong, bassist Paul Matthews and DJ Kritikl on the turntables.

Over the last five years, the band has toured the North Island on 7 occasions and the South Island twice. They have supported Placebo, Regurgitator, the Living End and the Bare Naked Ladies, performed with local heroes Shihad, the Feelers and the Headless Chickens, endured turbulent band relations and survived the theft of all their band equipment.

Recently, Tadpole were signed by Auckland based label Antenna, through EMI Music, on the strength of the radio-only single, "Blind". A debut album was due out in May 2000 but has been delayed: ETA as yet unconfirmed