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TLC were one of the biggest-selling female R&B groups of
all time, riding a blend of pop, hip-hop, and urban soul to
superstardom during the '90s.

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, rapper Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, and
Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas managed to appeal equally to pop
and R&B audiences, blending catchy hooks and bouncy funk
with a sassy, sexy attitude. Initially, their image was
equal parts style and spirit, bolstered by a flamboyant,
outrageous wardrobe. As time passed, they became equally
well known for their chaotic personal lives, More...

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Review about TLC songs
Freedom Retrospective from a radical black feminist | Reviewer: Susan
    ------ About the song Freedom performed by TLC

I'm a 21st century radical Black Feminist and the song Freedom speaks to me as we see what our people endured in the 1960's. My mom was born in 1961. the Black Panther Party was a game changer during that time when the Civil Rights movement was emerging. I love this song because it pays tribute to the African American women from the past to today as we now have a first lady who is of African descent. I hope the younger generation will pick up the lessons and inspire a new era of evolution.

Always sang it when it came on!! :) | Reviewer: Vic
    ------ About the song All That" Theme Song performed by TLC

OMG I loved ALL THAT!! it was my favorite show ever on nick!! It's still giving at midnight and kenan and kel also hey arnold and a lot more.. I love watching them over and over again! It brings me back :)

All That | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song All That" Theme Song performed by TLC

well I wasnt born in the 90s but I do watch the show All That and Kenan and Kel and I think the shows are really funny and I hope they still play the 90s nickeloden because All That was a funny show.

Unpretty | Reviewer: Arrimas Arrington
    ------ About the song Unpretty performed by TLC

TLC is the R&B girl group. Their names are T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chili are the members of TLC. Chili gets her breast implants when they are small. She and her boyfriend at home. She looked at a patient gets her breast implants who was played by Jade Valerie from Sweetbox as a cameo. A girl cuts the paper and put in the wall on a model's body.

real sad | Reviewer: teeisha
    ------ About the song Waterfalls performed by TLC

Wow left eyes death was so painfull the video was a great shock I don't still understand the video may her perfect soul rest in peace....sure that tboz and chili miss her a lot they really did great songs together

Left Eye | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Unpretty performed by TLC

I was on my way to school when I found out she passed. I got more emotional than when I found out Aaliyah was gone. I used to put black electrical tape under my eye and pretend to be her. She is truly missed!!

make a comeback | Reviewer: Phenoix
    ------ About the song No Scrubs performed by TLC

hey its pheniox i love this song alot but since left eye die no one know who you are any more so left eye would if you guys make a comeback and make new song and show what's left of TLC are back peace out and don't creep up make it big bye love pheniox,★

twins? | Reviewer: ninay montealto
    ------ About the song Unpretty performed by TLC

This song is for anyone who feels so pretty in the outside and don't know what they're lacking in the inside. And soon after they realize what they're lacking, they'll feel unpretty. It's like the inside and outside are twins and the outside feels pretty and the inside wants to make the outside feel unpretty too.

TLC | Reviewer: Atiana
    ------ About the song Creep performed by TLC

I love TLC and I love this song. Such a fresh beat. I love Lisa lopes and it's definitely one of the saddest things that she's gone. Lisa lopes is my hero and I love her so much. Like ma hero Tupac I know your resting in peace

You deserve it

Ma shining star

ALL THAT IS BACK!!! 7/28/11 | Reviewer: AmbirthdayGirl
    ------ About the song All That" Theme Song performed by TLC

Watching all that on teennick Good times as a kid watching this show some fond memories but i'm reliving it on my 19th b-day so its all good also they playing most of the 90's cartoons and shows

So Sit still cuz where coming right back

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