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Black Sabbath THE WRIT Lyrics

Last updated: 07/27/2014 06:43:38 PM

The way I feel is the way I am
I wish I'd walked before I started to run to you
Just to you

What kind of people do you think we are?
Another joker who's a rock and roll star for you
Just for you

The faithful image of another man
The endless ocean of emotion I swam for you
Yeah, for you

your sword and sheild was laying down on the floor
i wish they'd fallen into my private world with you
Yeah, with you

Are you metal, are you man
You've changed a lot since you began
Yeah, began

Ladies digging gold from you
Will they still dig now you're through
Yeah you're through

You bought and sold me with your lying words
The voices in the dark that you never heard came true
Yeah came true

Your fallen phallic god dismembered and gone
A poison father with his poisonous son, that's you
Yeah, that's you

I beg you please don't let it get any worse
The anger I once had has turned to a curse on you
Yeah, curse you

All of the promises that never came true
You're gonna get what is coming to you, that's true
Ah, that's true

Are you Satan are you man
You've changed in life since it began
It began

Vultures sucking gold from you
Will they still suck now you're through

(Cats, Rats)

The search is on so you just better run
And find yourself another way
Rob the dead, they don't feel a thing
Leave the living for another day

(Rats, Rat)

You are nonentity, you have no destiny
You are a figment of a thing unknown
A mental picture of a stolen soul
The fornication of your golden throne

A smiling face it means the world to me
So tired of sadness and of misery

My life it started some time ago
Where it will end, I don't know
I thought I was so good
I thought I was so smart
I feel my world is being torn apart

But everything is gonna work out fine
If it don't, I think I'll lose my mind

I know, I know, I know, yeah yeah I know
Listen to me while I sing this song
You might just think the words are wrong
Too many people advising me
But they don't know what my eyes see

But everything is gonna work out fine
If it don't i feel like blow my mind

Thanks to Punkle Jones for submitting THE WRIT Lyrics.

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Finally | Reviewer: John Peace | 7/28/14

Ozzy finally figured out how to write lyrics here. Up until that point most of Sabbath's lyrics were by Geezer, and the few by Ozzy were about women and rocking out. This one he had enough aggression on his mind against his manager that he poured out this scathing diatribe, equaled in rock only by Death on Two Legs by Queen. Apparently the 70s was full of shady managers

0zzy schm0zzy who wrote the lyrics then? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/12

Ozzy never wrote much of the lyrics for Sabbath, did you know that? Google around in case I'm wrong, but it was like a few %, whilst Geezer wrote most with contributions from anyone else who had a few words, something like that was the dynamic. The frontman isn't always the most talented!

SABBATH RULES! | Reviewer: Jaymz | 8/2/10

Another GREAT song from the Godfathers of Metal! I agree these lyrics are the closest I've seen yet.The last opportunity I had to see them was in 1999 at the Philadelphia FU Spectrum with Pantera.
My 12 year old twins LOVE metal and Sabbath and I don't mean just Iron Man! My kids and I really appreciate you folks who take the time to make these Lyrics available.

lyrics are correct | Reviewer: greg | 11/9/09

some other lyrics on the search page are inaccurate this one i feels right with song it's important to get the words right to understand the context of the song really an artist can right something sometimes and all i can do is sit back or feel it and just be in-spired not aspired i feel it in there, u know.... good song

My Favorite Sabbath Song | Reviewer: Donald | 10/3/07

I always loved "Sabotage" more than any other Sabbath album. It has the best examples of progressive art rock metal. Too bad besides this and their "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" album they didn't do more. The problem with most metal, and rock for that matter, is that the lyrics cross the line into adolescent whining, and juvenile-esque subject matter, but "Sabotage" is near perfect for anyone of any age age to like.

My first album | Reviewer: Adelmo | 8/21/07

I was 14 years old when i bought this album. Automatic life change. I'm 46 now and listen to Sabbath almost every day. The album was listened thru many cold rainy nights with my headphones in Connecticut when I was a kid. The Writ always popped out because of the whisper shuffle at the beginning then the loud power chords to vocals. Always having the volume on 10 and remembering trying to twist the knob even further. But the Writ is such a powerful song that most people back then just did'nt get it. Just a few of us did. Even thought I love the other albums to death the Writ and Sabotage will always be #1 in my heart.

Great Song | Reviewer: Benzo8 | 8/2/07

This is one of my top 10 Sabbath songs of all time.

Lord of this World is still number one along with Supernaut.

The lyrics are close but I believe that Ozzy says "I feel my world *being* torn apart".

The Writ | Reviewer: Bob | 7/6/07

I agree with Rick, I also still love this song after many years. I wish this trend to worthless songs would die off and lead to a new start.
I would have to say the lyrics seem right to me.

PS | Reviewer: joyce | 5/5/07

This is my absolute favorite Black Sabbath song. It's been my favorite for ..... wow...decades. They don't write them or sing them like this anymore. Timeless. I heard he wrote it about some guy who screwed him on a music contract, but... who cares. This song is awesome. This one and Megalomania are the best of the best.

best so far | Reviewer: joyce | 5/5/07

These lyrics are the closest i have found online so far. Not everyone can hear what Ozzy says. I am actually quite impressed that the person who sent these lyrics got so close!! I have been writing Ozzys lyrics since 1973, so ..believe me...I know what he is saying. Good job. Best I have seen online.

The Writ | Reviewer: Rick moore | 5/2/06

A more esoteric song would be hard to find , very powerful riffing , loved it in my teens and still love it now.