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Uriah Heep THE DANCE Lyrics

Last updated: 07/13/2008 11:00:00 AM

See the picture in the hall
Framed in magic on the wall
Ain't it funny how it glows
What's on the inside
No one knows
What makes this picture
So inviting
To those who stand outside it

Maybe it's the dancers
Or maybe it's the dance
The dancer dances

Thousands fill the gallery
They pay their price to see a dream
They can make believe for free
Two hours' worth of fantasy
Maybe they pretend
The picture's them
Or maybe they just love
To sit and blend

Tonight the picture has no frame
Colours unleash and float away
To each and everyone of you
Tonight the spirit brings the news
You become a part of it all
Thousands turn to one in the hall

You become the dancer
And we become the dance
The dancer dances

The dancer dances
The dancer dances
And we become the dancer
And you become the dance

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The Dance... and its meaning | Reviewer: M. Repo from Finland | 7/13/2008

Old song, and althought it is not sung by Byron, it is beautiful and mystic.
I dont know from where the idea for these lyrics came, maybe it is painting hanging in some gallery wall, or is it from some sience fiction book. Anyway, i bought the record Innocent Victim from Leningrad, Russia in 1982.It was a Russian version, i mean low fidelity sound and a plain green cover with no picture in it,names in Russian and English.But despite all these flaws, it was and still is a great record. Uriah Heeps records are all different, they were, back then, constantly evolving and changing... Sad and humble song, but beautiful!