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Billie Holiday THAT'S ALL I ASK OF YOU Lyrics

Last updated: 07/29/2001 10:08:25 PM

You've heard my story before
I've often told it you know
Well it's just the same
A dream that's been in vain
Someone to miss when I'm away
Someone to kiss at close of day
A hear that's new
With a love thats true
That's all i ask of you

Someone to care when things look blue
A love to share my whole life through
We're side by side
Just a groom and a bride
Thats all I ask of you

Now most of my plans have crumbled and faded
May this one come true
I'll make a start
I'll give you my hart
The rest is up to you

So give your love
In one sweet kiss
I ask no more of you than this
Be sweet and kind
Say that you'll be mine
That's all I ask of you
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