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T-Spoon Biography

Last updated: 10/31/2000 11:32:43 PM

T-Spoon is the name of one of Holland's most succesfull dance acts ever. They have been hailed by many critics as the best LIVE dance act in the world.
It all started out in 1993 with their first single "No Time 2 Waste", which wasted no time in cracking the top 10 in their homecountry. It didn't take long before other countries followed.

During the following years they scored a string of hits, which brought them success in countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, Israel, Ireland, Scandinavia, South-America and of course their homecountry, Holland. Songs like "A Part Of My Life", "Where R U Now", "Take Me 2 The Limit" and of course "Sex On The Beach"?/font> kept people moving all over the world.

Releasing 4 full-CD's, incl. a remix CD and a hitsingle collection, they proved to be one of the most versatile dance acts to have ever existed. T-Spoon can do it all! They produce powerfull eurodance tracks, groovy R&B songs, upbeat happy hardcore tunes and even euroreggae and eurodisco tracks!

Behind the T-Spoon scenes we find Dutch Remy de Groot, better known as Prince Peration. He is the founder and one of the driving forces behind T-Spoon. On stage we find that T-Spoon consists of two people, a Dutch girl and an American, and of course several dancers!

So who are T-Spoon on stage and on the records? Linda Estelle is the name of the female vocalist of the group. Then there's Greg Dillard, the US born singer/rapper, who joined T-Spoon in 1998 after rapper Shamrock decided to go solo.

In 1997 they released one of the biggest summerhits of the '90's with their anthem "Sex On The Beach". In the year of release it went top 3 in the Netherlands and top 10 in Belgium... but the big international success came in 1998, when "Sex On The Beach" was released in Ireland and the UK. It entered the UK Top 40 at number 2 and stayed in the top 10 for more than a month, which is something uncommon in the British charts. From this moment on a domino effect took place...

1999 sees the continuing success of "Sex On The Beach", when it went to the number 1 position in Japan and the Fiji Islands and entered the top 10 in Australia and New Zealand! But 1999 also sees the UK release of "Tom's Party"... and this track also entered the UK Top 40. With this feet they became the second Dutch dance act ever to score two Top 40 hits in a row. (2 Unlimited was the only act to do it before T-Spoon!).

Spring 1999 saw the first pre-release of the forthcoming album "T-Spoon" in the form of the smashing "Got 2 Get U Back". The new album was completely produced by Remy de Groot and Axel Breitung, who previously worked with the Backstreet Boys, N' Sync, Bluemchen and DJ Bobo. In June the second pre-release was taken of the album: "Summer Love". This track reached a top 15 placement in Holland and is awaiting release in other countries.

A huge megadeal with Sony Music/550 Music in the US and Sony Music/Epic Records in Canada saw the release of "Sex On The Beach" throughout North-America in August! The album, which comes in the US and in the Dutch version, was released at the end of August in the US and in September in Holland. The big difference between the two versions is the absence of "Sex On The Beach" and "Tom's Party" on the Dutch version. "Sex On The Beach" was already featured on the Hit Collection album, but because both these tracks were new to countries other than the Netherlands, they were added on the other version. The Dutch version does however contain three tracks which are not on the US version: "Go!", "If I Could Turn Back Time" and the dancefloor stormer "Heaven In My Hand"!

October 99 also sees the release of the new Dutch single "I Want To Be Your Man". At the same time "Delicious" was released in Belgium. So you see that we are quite busy with the different single-releases in different countries. Check out the audiosection to listen to new remixes of "I Want To Be Your Man"!

This is the succesfull T-Spoon story until now... Come visit us at our concerts. You'll be amazed by the energy of our shows! Linda and Greg always sing LIVE which can not be said of many dance acts!!

T-SPOON... The Experience... Have you ever experienced T-Spoon???

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