T-Pain Lyrics

Who ever coined the phrase "never judge a book by its
cover" must have had a premonition about 20-year old
singer/songwriter/rapper/producer T-Pain when they thought
it up. At a time when image is considered just as important
as vocal capability, T-Pain is introducing music fans to a
new sound as well as a brand new look for R&B singers.
T-Pain is unique.

Born Faheem Najm in Tallahassee, Florida to a pair of
entrepreneur parents, T-Pain learned how to do things for
himself as a youngster. At the tender age of ten he turned
his More...

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Review about T-Pain songs
It's just great!!! | Reviewer: Patrick D
    ------ About the song Going Off performed by T-Pain

He exactly says what I'm thinking on a nice Sunday morning. And I don't actually like Android, because I'm blind and this talkback thing doesn't impress me, the voice over thing on IOS is just great!!!

"i swear i Neva Meta "= Megan Modafferi :) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She Got It performed by T-Pain

Of course this special rapper is singin his songs for me only
Not the other girls that he probably sees in
Either way Im just trippin like I oughtta
cuz theres nothing else i ever wanted
yeah thats the girl for sure
she stuck, stopped and straight out the ghetto
but fine as a fu**** SHOW STOPPA
/whats wrong with my stylish way of dreamin
dudes think im crazy but im kinda livin it
and t pains words and melody
just explained how he felt and took me
right back inside that reality//
~ ur blonde shorty out here in the hood (i know you know me,.... rite ? of currrrse)

Booze,bitches n bed | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Buy You A Drink performed by T-Pain

D beat of d music is w√łndaful.I hv a hard time grappling wit d lyrics of d song is another.Y is it dat artist think dat booze,bitches n bed come one after d other.I take offence to such unsavoury lyrics dat make rubbish of d female gender.U hv mothers,wives,sisters n daughters so pls respect them

IT AIN'T ME, BABE | Reviewer: Kay Kay
    ------ About the song It Ain't Me performed by T-Pain

Put you in a range, buy expensive thangs
It ain't me babe, it ain't me, no, it ain't me,
No way, no how, uh uhh
It ain't me babe, it ain't me, no, it ain't me,
Ice out all your fingas take you out and make you famous
It ain't me babe, it ain't me, no, it ain't me,
No way, no how, uh uhh
It ain't me babe, it ain't me, no, it ain't me.lOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Creative thoughts | Reviewer: Malachi
    ------ About the song Chopped & Skrewed performed by T-Pain

I would like to use this medium to say that T-pain is a creative thinker.I really liked is video chopped and skrewed featuring ludacris,it was fantastic and i would like to tell T-pain to continue with is creative thinking cos there's a greater future ahead.Peace

buy you a drink | Reviewer: Natori
    ------ About the song Buy You A Drink performed by T-Pain

i love this song my dad has it on his cd i love it he plays it everyday i cant stop singing this song i love it so much i just cant stop im singing it right now in my head
its in my head its every were in my body its not going away i just sing it everyday its not going away.

my nigga T-Pain | Reviewer: jackie
    ------ About the song Backseat Action performed by T-Pain

heeeey T-Pain i love this new joint was off the chain "im bout to pull over and give you the business" ayyyyy that's my shit but anyways so yea keep doing what you doing because there is no artist and i do mean not one artist that can do their thang as good as you.

jackie aka goofybaby

    ------ About the song She Got It performed by T-Pain

I love T-PAIN more that anybody in the world i more songs i got every single last one of his cds every since they first came out and that girl up there naomi anit no stuff on me so she to shutup cause i love him more than her i know his FIRST LAST and MIDDLE name i bet she dnt

low | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Low performed by T-Pain

ample bottom jeans boobs with the fur turn aroun and the whole club z lookin at herturn around and gave that big booty a slap then she hit the flo next thing u know shawty gut low low low lowllow low

I love t-pain more than anybody | Reviewer: naomi
    ------ About the song She Got It performed by T-Pain

i love t-pain more than anybody, and anybody wh say they love him more than me don't. Iloved him everysence i first herd his #1 song. He has the best voice out of all the singers in the world, i love him to death, and his songs. I love u t-pain, and i love u more than anything.

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