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REALITY is a hard pill to swallow, and it can sometimes
leave a bitter aftertaste. But just as the most torturous
elixir can cure what ails you, a dose of reality can be the
best medicine for someone who wants to get in touch with
life and experience first hand its many lumps and bruises.

On his sophomore release, "TRAP MUZIK" - his first for
Atlantic Records - T.I. fills the prescription for reality
music: uncovering life stories from the trap, depicting the
unrefined essence of street life and, more specifically,
unveiling the More...

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Review about T.I. songs
THE GREATEST SONG EVER MADE | Reviewer: bishwajit. Age-12yrs
    ------ About the song Do Ya Thang performed by T.I.

oh yeah. I am a nfs fan and my age is 12yrs. I liked this song and it has rocked me. I never heard this type of rocking song ever. I'd like to buy the video cd if it is available. Rocking song.

I like this song | Reviewer: Rachael Rudicill
    ------ About the song Like That performed by T.I.

This song is the bomb my cusents and I were jammin to it all night and then I broke 3 strings on my guitar and one of my cusents broke the drum stick I love that song so much it was played at my sisters wedding (man I miss her so much now) so every time I hear this song it will always go out to her and her husband (R.I.P twin sister) well I am off to soccer peace out people!!:(

Ma nigger(cousin) Jay tee | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Live In The Sky performed by T.I.

It's been 2yrs and 4months since you left us,I'm sorry I let ma pride get in tha way of me coming ta say goodbye to you..I pray to God that you living in the sky,much love man-till we meet again,your cousin kagiso a.k.a Infection Tha Illest!!?

Dedication! | Reviewer: Cliff
    ------ About the song Why You Wanna performed by T.I.

Yo! T.I is the best rapper ever! No rapper got a swagg lyk dat! All verses picture perfect al is ment to serve a perpose, if ye aint livin wat u kickin then you're worthless. Verses autobiographical, absolutely classical! last thng to worry bwt is what another rapper do! Go T.I.P!! P.S.C and GRANDHUSTLE for life!!

it was good | Reviewer: david sellers
    ------ About the song Motivation performed by T.I.

it was good when i frist heard it. my mom and my sister loves, i mean loves that song. when that song comes on they go crazy over that song. i mean i dont want to hear it with them or they will kill my hear drums. i rather listen to it myself not with them. but in the end i really like that song and its my 2cd favorite song.

Los Tres Amigoes forver! | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song Live In The Sky performed by T.I.

Cant believe you're gone bro, left us way too damn soon and u wasnt supposed to go out like that, but thats life and i know u had ur reasons for doin what u did. We wont never forget you and shit wont never be the same at wally world without you bro. Make sure yo got a strong drink and a marlboro waitin for me when i make it up there 2 meet u, LOS TRES AMIGOS FOREVER GIO! R.I.P bro

Best T.I. Song Ever | Reviewer: Daniel Vaiza
    ------ About the song What You Know performed by T.I.

Yo well i think "What You Know" by T.I. is the best song he has done so far. I mean it doesn't matter what kind of music you listen to everyone has heard the song "What You Know." Well Over all T.I. is the best rapper ever to me and he will never be replaced to me so i wanted to say this bout "The King." PS. T.I. also has the best sunglasses ever,websit is found below

te xtrano hector, esta para tu mi ermano | Reviewer: Yoiyo
    ------ About the song Live In The Sky performed by T.I.

It has ben 3 weeks since they took you from me, and all I can think of is how you deserved this so much less than me. I was the 1 slangin, i was the one rollin hot, I had the big mouth. All I know is Ima put those fuckers and their families in the motherfucking ground. Some say revenge is pointless, but blood must be shed for one as kind and harmless as you. te adoro hector, we'll meet again someday.

kendra and robert sit'n the tree.com | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Let My Beat Pound performed by T.I.

take the knife off the ak and cut these niggaz ok we don't want no problems knew black t all black tennis shoes I love takin picture's smoke on the interview hilltop crazy they wounder wat I got in to niggaz tryin to catch pattoes wen it's time to get up out the state of IL police stop me and tell me to turn my beat down i tell em no i for ever let my beat pound we done can we fuck now.

Truefacts. | Reviewer: Mollie
    ------ About the song Stand Up performed by T.I.

You don't even have to live in the hood to relate to this. Basically, what he is saying is talk your shit to someone's face and take the consequences. Or don't do it at all. Don't be two-faced. Simple enough.

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