T.I. Albums

  • G.D.O.D. 2 Album (9/19/2014)
    Welcome To My City
    Who We Is (OG)
    Brand New Choppa
    I Need War
    Money On My Mind
    By Any Means (God Damnt)
    UM HMM
    Real Nigga's Only
    What You Gon' Do Bout It
    Aint Both (MLK)
    I Do The Most
    We Go Hard
    Champaign Room
    Ya Digg
    Make Me Somethign
    I Dont Fuck Wit You
    You Don't Know Nothin About Me
    Puttin In Work

  • Trouble Man Album (12/18/2012)
    Go Get It
    Here Ye, Hear Ye
    I'm Flexin'
    Like That
    Love This Life
    Trap Back Jumpin'

  • Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head Album (11/20/2012)
    The Introduction
    G Season
    Trap Back Jumpin'
    Can You Learn
    Go Get It
    Guns And Roses
    The Way We Ride
    Who Want Some
    Wonderful Life
    Bonus Tracks
    Love This Life
    Like That
    Live On Tonight
    Check This Dig That

  • Fuck Da City Up Album (6/1/2012)
    Fuck The City Up
    Hot Wheels
    Loud Mouth
    On Purpose
    Stunt'n Like A Fool (Snippet)
    This Time Of Night
    In A Nutshell
    Who What When
    The One
    Piss'n On Your Ego
    Harry Potter
    I See Ghost's
    I'll Show You
    Oh Yeah
    Popped Off

  • No Mercy Album (12/3/2010)
  • Paper Trail Album (9/30/2008)
  • T.I. vs T.I.P. Album (7/3/2007)
  • King Album (3/28/2006)
  • Urban Legend Album (11/30/2004)
  • Trap Muzik Album (8/19/2003)
  • I'm Serious Album (10/9/2001)

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    Reviews about T.I. albums
    Trap Muzik | Reviewer: Hoops
        ------ About the album Trap Muzik performed by T.I.

    I love this album of T.I.`s the second album really has a different sound then his first album it is really best cd i ever heard hats off to you T.I. for this increable cd you put together.

    Message Is Straight | Reviewer: Brandon
        ------ About the album Paper Trail performed by T.I.

    Very good album, Mr. Harris. Watching the beginning of his new series, "T.I.'s Road To Redemption", and hearing the message he's trying to get across, probably best album so far. He's trying to show that he can have a good impact on people, and show people what happens if you live that kinda lifestyle. He includes his boy Philant a.k.a. Big Phil in a few of his tracks. For those of you who don't know, T.I. is facing federal gun charges. After his arrest, he decided not to carry guns illegally. Unfortunately, him and his crew were leavin a club, and someone pulled up next to em and unloaded into the van, killin Big Phil. This is one of the times T.I. decided not to carry heat. Enough talking, it's a great album, go but it.

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