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REALITY is a hard pill to swallow, and it can sometimes leave a bitter aftertaste. But just as the most torturous elixir can cure what ails you, a dose of reality can be the best medicine for someone who wants to get in touch with life and experience first hand its many lumps and bruises.

On his sophomore release, "TRAP MUZIK" - his first for Atlantic Records - T.I. fills the prescription for reality music: uncovering life stories from the trap, depicting the unrefined essence of street life and, more specifically, unveiling the grim realities of the drug game. "It's called trap music," T.I. explains. "So you know it's gonna be dealing with all aspects of the trap. And if you don't know what the trap is, that's basically where drugs are sold. In this country, the majority of us live in a neighborhood where drugs are sold, whether we like it or not. Whether you in the trap selling dope, whether you in the trap buying dope, whether you in the trap trying to get out - whatever the case may be, I'm trying to deal with all aspects of that lifestyle."

For the uninitiated, "TRAP MUZIK" is an introduction to an often-glamorized underworld, a musical collage of scenes that play out like excerpts from a TV drama. But to others, it's an all-too-familiar slice of everyday life. "It's informative for people who don't know nothing about that side of life and wonder why somebody they know that live on that side of life act the way they do or do the things they do. So it's informative for them and maybe it can help them deal with these people, help them relate to these people, help them understand, help them to see their point of view a little better. It's also inspiration for people who live that life."

From "24's," the album's shoulder-bouncing, head-bobbing first single, to "Be Easy," "TRAP MUZIK" finds T.I. at his mischievous best. Checking in on the set are producers DJ Toomp, Sanchez, Carlos and Dada, and Jazze Pha, as well as artists Jagged Edge, 8 Ball & MJG, and Bun B of UGK.

Heavy on introspection and streetwise enlightenment, "TRAP MUZIK" is not only a stroll around the 'hood, but a journey through the mind of T.I. On "T.I. vs. T.I.P.," the rapper challenges himself to a verbal duel. "That's basically me talking to myself, just me getting in my own ear talking about the things I need to do and the things I shouldn't be doing and just some kind of psychological evaluation of myself."

And he waxes romantic on "Get Right," which features R&B foursome Jagged Edge. "It's me talking to a lady I knew back when I didn't have much," he says. "We knew each other and we always felt like it was an attraction, but she was dealing with somebody who had way more than me, who could do way more for her at the time. But now I'm like, 'What he got that I ain't got besides you right now? So, get right'."

Then there's the ghetto anthem, "Be Easy." Says T.I., "That's basically tellin' cats, when you meet me, you ain't gotta be...

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i know it sounds funny | Reviewer: lamricade | 8/12/13

i know it sounds funny 2 u....2 know dat u're havin a fan in sierra leone.........t.i....i've fallen in luv wit all your songs.....nd they've motivated me in life 2 hustle hard nd neva give it up......i do believe that one day........i'll attend one of your shows in america nd i can't wait 4 dat day...in my life...it'd be a dream come true......


T.I is a real niggar man i love his songs im sure when he produce the DEAD & GONE SONG HE ADVISED many people who live in the hood he advised the 2 at de song NO MATTER WHAT i wish i can be like him and meet him some day many people die in the hood every day man im sry about ur best friend

dubemeluleki@ymail.com | Reviewer: Smallz | 4/11/13

i think you are the realest niggat still alive. your songs have a message in them and help me mostly to cary on with life and not juss to give up. i really wish to meet one day

Ma number 1 fan | Reviewer: Vadon cooper wahlang | 6/11/11

Hey i'm vadon 4rm india and just wanted 2 inform u that u r my number 1 fan among all da rappers n i just hope so that one day by hook or by crook i'll meet u up face 2 face in real life til den keep on releasing new new albums.

my man | Reviewer: kandie lady t.i wifey | 3/3/10

yea hes da best of dem all i fuqkin luv him to death man i cant believe dey had mi husband bhind bars i went to all his concert tuuu well.. da one n naptown but whoever hatin on him i have a ? y u hatin on him he aint did nutin tu u but count his money n put his team on yu feel me u ole dog face hoez

Minnie is the name | Reviewer: Sherrita Major | 12/10/09

I really love you and im not saying that cause im one of your Number one fans im saying that cause you are someone that evryone should look up to cause as i follow you in your creer you have came along way and you do things to better your life for you and you family I think that you have something that you were born with and that is called swagg look to put this to the end, know that you help little boys to become man and you help little girls try to get a feel of what a real man is that is my way of sayin thank you for that help

what exists between T.I & Wizzy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/09

4rom all of T.I's latest lyrics such as "my life ur entertainment, live ur life and also dead & gone" the extract concept of these lyrics to me is that T.I does not want 2 draw a battle line of beef wit wizzy on money and fame but he's rather trying to give deff ears to lil' wayne's slur ups such as his "am me" etc. but we cats know that T.I is made of a better stuff than wizzy. cuz wizzy is just an opportunist hu came up and claims to be the right person to inherit what veterans such as mystical, juvenile, big tymers, jarule, young buck and the rest of those hu are true foundations of cash money have sweated 4. its me B.g Wunduh 4rom nija a tru4e fan of T.I

sensual seduction | Reviewer: Tyshundria | 5/11/09

watz up T.I. I just want u to know that i am crazy about u and I love yo music.You are an inspiration to me.Sometimes I even picture I was wit u ,and that we had some benefits and a long night 2gether.I can do u better than anybody else.Love you.You will always be my boo in my heart and mind.

a real woman | Reviewer: meme | 5/11/09

T>I. I have been reading al ot about you and I don't understand why it so hard on you i the system but everything happens for a reason and when it is all over you will be able to produce he truth not that your the first but your already real and your dealing with what you dealt yourself and you have to change it yourself with God's help and if no one else has your back he does. I will be praying for you. BYE

obsessed with u | Reviewer: TeeTee | 5/5/09

I love you so much babyboy.Every night i lay up thinking about you.When im sleep your picture is the only thing that runs through my mind.I dont only love you for your looks but for your persnality.We have alot in common.You will always be my boo my baby and my goon.Bye big daddy!

HER AM CALLED TI | Reviewer: negha alex | 2/13/09

TI.u are the best rapper i have ever had,i live in cameroon,thas's africa,people her say u are de best,i like ur style,cas nobody gat the same style.men ur are the king of the south its true.i respect u alot men,cas u gat it.For u i can take a gun shot.Ur number one fan her in cameroon.UR are the boss.TI u gat to make the video of MA LIFE UR INTERTAMENT,i love tha sond and all the other one's. ur are realy the king.ur number one's fan.

ti | Reviewer: melissapedraza | 12/7/08

Hi ti What up I like you fan melissa you I come from idaho cold and not much to do but I have lost of cuz When I was little my sis past oway you know i love my famliy god is so good to me my dream is to be a singer i dont have much friends just 3 good friends ti you cool i got to talk to you that was cool you im just being my self one day im good to me you and give you a big hug .Ti i love your music and ppl dont belive me that ok . Ti one day im going to fly and meet you im gald me and you are good friends i pray every night for things to get better you know ti i love they way you say your things. things well get better ok and im on your side pray god is so good love you ti and hope to see you soon.

Be Real | Reviewer: sharlean | 12/3/08

I am a hege fan of T.I. and I've been reading these reviews and some of these people are retarted. I mean T.I is the King of the South. He isn't going to want any of you girls who think that he does. Lets be honest I mean you might meet him and shake his hand but it will never be more than that. I respect his ryhme and his hustle and you ladies need to do the same. Stop calling other girls hoes and telling them to say off his jock. T.I. is a grown ass man and he will do what he pleases and who he pleases. You are just a fan to him, nothing more nothing less. So stop acting stupid and be real.

T.I is a HOTTIE!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/08

i went to all of his concerts.it was fun.i actually got to go backstage with my cousin sister, we stayed in his room kicked back i actually got his signature.he gave me a couple of cds.after going backstage, we had to go. IT WAS DUH COOLIST DAY OF MY LIVE...T.I I LUV U!!!!!!

NO | Reviewer: Adrian | 9/26/08

You girls don't get it do you he don't give a shit about you he talks about the trap not women. You bunch of douche bags. get a life. also learn how to spell that shit wont get you anywhere in life. lol loser.

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