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Van Morrison T.B. Sheets Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2011 11:00:00 AM

Words and music by Van Morrison

Now listen Julie baby,
It ain't natural for you to cry in the midnight,
It ain't natural for you to cry
Way in the midnight come,
Until the wee small hours
Long 'fore the break of dawn, oh Lord.
Um hmm

Now Julie there ain't nothin' on my mind
More further away than what you're lookin' for,
I see the way they jump at me
Lord, from behind the door, and look into my eyes,
Your little star stuck innuendows,
Inadequacies, foreign bodies.

And the sunlight shining through the crack in the window pane
Numbs my brain
And the sunlight shining through the crack in the window pane
Numbs my brain, oh Lord.

So open up the window and let me breathe,
I said, open up the window and let me breathe
I'm looking down to the street below
Lord, I cried for you, I cried, Oh, Lord.

The cool room, Lord, it a fool's room,
The cool room, Lord, it a fool's room,
And I can almost smell your T.B. sheets
And I can almost smell your T.B. sheets, on your sick bed.

I gotta go, I gotta,
And you said, please stay.
I want, I want a drink of water,
I want a drink of water,
Go into the kitchen and get me a drink of water,

I gotta go baby.
I send, I send, I send somebody around later,
You know we got John comin' around here
Later with a bottle of wine for you, babe.
But I gotta go

The cool room, Lord, it a fool's room
The cool room Lord, it a fool's room, a fools room
And I can almost smell your T.B. sheets
I can almost smell your T.B. sheets T.B.
I gotta go. Gotta go

Send 'round, send one around later on,
Will see what I can pick up for ya, you know
I got a few things gotta do,
Don't worry about it,
Don't worry about it, don't worry, ah ha gotta go go go go
I gotta go,
Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go,
And all right, all right,

I turned on the radio, if you wanna hear a few tunes,
I'll turn the radio on for you, there you go there you go

You'll be allright too
Ha ha Yeah
I know it ain't funny, it funny at all baby
To land in the cool room man
To land in the cool room, in the cool room

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Poigniancy | Reviewer: Nick Moodie | 3/23/11

I guess it's never to late to discover someone. I'm just over 50 and had never listened to any Van Morrison. This song really touched me. It echoed my feelings of being at the bedside of my dying father, the awkwardness, the 'having to go now', the feeling stifled in that clinical environment, needing air. The sweet sickly sweaty sheets tinging the air with their heralding of passing.
Wonderfully expresses the guilt of not wanting to be there.......must go and listen again.

Not about Dee Branch | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/10

Re.comment by Samantha Branch.
It is very unlikely that this song is about Dee Branch. The origanal recording date for this song was March 29th 1967 according to Wikipedia. while according to, Dee Branch died on 4th July 1967, 3 months after the recordings were made. According to this website Dee Branch died of a brain haemorrhage and not of TB. My guess is that the emotional content of this song is about Gloria Gordon who died of cancer due to ulcerative colitis. Van was extremely close to her and wrote the song "Gloria" about her when with the band "Them", the rest is the usual inarticulate speech of the heart. Although sources say that Van Morrison could hardly make it to the end of the song without cracking up, there is no evidence that anyone close to him died of TB, that is why I find this song extremely hard to listen to due to its lack of integrity. I find it puzzling why anyone would want to attach an stigmatizing and alienating disease to someone they loved due to a whim of imagination.

Dee Branch is Juie in this song | Reviewer: Samantha Banch | 4/4/10

Dee Branch and Van Morrison !!!!!!!!!!! My parents, she made him believe in himself but now he is too selfish to even speak to me, his own first born !!!!!!!!!!! now he thinks he is too good for anyone

Van Morrison: the cool room | Reviewer: Michael Wall | 8/2/08

TB Sheets not only reeks of reality it touches the nerve, the cross section where love and pain meet; the junction of life and death, the transition from one world to another and how all we have to deal with it is our inadequate, our limited, and our simple emotions and expressions. An awesome, but simple blues tune the gets to the heart of what your feeling in that sick room, most of us will be dealing with one day. A great track that brings to mind a combination of Howlin Wolf and Janis Joplin.

Van Morrison: one of the most prolific songwriters of our day. | Reviewer: Debbie Gannon | 11/26/06

Van Morrison's early works were as advanced in their blues compositional undertones, as well as his prolific lyrics, as Bob Dylan's. Van is a jewel of our time, and deserves all of our praise, not to mention, our attention. He wrote from experience, and from the heart. He is what some refer to as raw talent. Not as in newcomers, but as in natural Godgiven talent most of us only dream of. He can make you laugh and cry, all in the same song. A wonderful, though underestimated and underated writer and musician, deserving of much more than we have given him in the industry.