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Not long ago, accepted sonic belief held that rock music,
certainly hard rock music, had been stretched, manipulated
and tinkered with to its logical end. With no new forms
looming, the genre would slip into malaise and the kids
would look elsewhere for an outlet. Enter Los Angeles
quartet System of a Down, who, over seven years and two
albums have revived and revitalized heavy music with their
manic brand of post-everything hardcore. Millions of
records on, they charge into the new century as living
proof that for those brave enough More...

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Review about System of a Down songs
Death | Reviewer: Fede
    ------ About the song Hypnotize performed by System of a Down

First time I heard this song (I speak spanish) I thought it said "I'm just sitting in my garden waiting for my death".... Now I know the truth, and damn, I really liked the "death" one, but it's an amazing song anyway

Stop the confusion! | Reviewer: Ballo
    ------ About the song Toxicity performed by System of a Down

America, Bushm Obama? Say what??? I'm not American so i couldn't give a shit what people think of the place.
Disorder, disorder, disorder !!!! The song relates to people with ADD, thing Serj himself has it too. Eating seeds (taking meds). Some between sacred silence and sleep (its the only time when the disorder can be seen. Flashlight reveries caught in the headlights (blinded and unable to focus)
Now, how do yo own the world (Goverments/ Pharma Companie, how can they control this problem??)
When I became the sun (when I took control, and made peoples lives more worth while)
Thats it! Now give up yapping on about politics and shit and take your fucking meds!!!! hahaha

Boom! Everytime you drop the bomb. | Reviewer: Jomar moreno
    ------ About the song This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song performed by System of a Down

Fuck the system! I really2x love all the shit coming from the mouth of serj tankian, he is an allien down to the earth to bring his music of destruction to the government. Hahaha xD

when he sing, it penitrate to my whole nerve., and it makes me feel like im on this song..

read it again | Reviewer: heath
    ------ About the song Violent Pornography performed by System of a Down

I don't listen to this band but I read the lyrics and it doesn't say anything about selling porn. It is mostly mindless rabble but in the end it say that we are being brain washed so turn your tv off this could also mean internet.

System is great! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Radio/Video performed by System of a Down

I heard a Story, hat system of A Down werde going to have an Interview, with famous TV - Showmen called Danny and Lisa (im not Form USA so i don't know them).
For some reason the Interview has beenn cancelled in the last minute, and they were thrown out of the door, so they wrote this song about this incident.
I don't know how far this story is true, but I think its a possible way to interpret the song!
But as it is with all SOAD songs, everybody has to decide for his own, how far he interprets their songs, that's one of the good points about system ;)

awsome song but... | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song chop suey performed by System of a Down

Oh for gods sake does every song gave to be related to jesus christ or any other religion ? (Im not atheist) bloody hell just like the song for how it is and not its meaning and there is no right or wrong way to interpret a song each mans interpretation is his own.


answer to "lsd", 10/03/13 | Reviewer: Víkingur
    ------ About the song Prison Song performed by System of a Down

You're the one who should better shut up. I don't know where you have read this, but LSD was synthesized for the first time by two Swiss chemists (Albert Hofmann and Arthur Stoll), and none of them have been disclaimed as being Nazi... Get your facts straight, LSD has nothing to do with WWII.

amazing song, amazing band, just wow. | Reviewer: soad is the best band on the planet.
    ------ About the song Mind performed by System of a Down

Great song!!!
one of the best intros they ever made, shavo really stands out. and so does the classic serj creepy whisper.
daron does a really good job of keeping the energy up which his high-octane riffs that even sound like slayer or metallica at one point.
serj is absolutely amazing. he growls, he sings, he whispers, he croaks, he does everything and all so perfect to fit the nature of this song.
john also does really well here, but he has done better.

overall, 6th best soad song and one of my all time faves :)

"look at each other"

...but really??? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song P.L.U.C.K. performed by System of a Down

Well, reading the comments of the most part of turks here, makes me think I'm not that wrong to totally detest such apes...Dodecanesum, Cyrenaica, Lybia say you hi, you countless pigs scumming the pages of history...LONG LIVE ARMENIA, LONG LIVE GREECE, LONG LIVE SRBIJA, LONG LIVE THE TRUE SPIRIT OF BYSANTIUM AND CONSTANTINOPLE, WHICH WILL NEVER BE ISTANBUL! Now, go masturbate in Taksim with the images of gay Ataturk, scum!

That would be the right payback you would deserve, should a person get so much low at your very infamous level...what instead I'd rather tell you, stop believing the crap your governments taught you, start learning from some enlightened minds belonging to your culture who helped us unfolding the truth ON THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE, and show the world is just your government who is stuck still in a medieval conception of reality, whilst the Turkish population recognizes the mistakes, the crimes, which their forefathers carried out several years ago...Armenia is the main example, but we can go closer, in Europe (Balkans, Greece, Bulgaria...ANYWHERE) to ask how they may see Turkish people (without considering some very bad examples which you may have exported especially in Eastern Europe...and here I speak for personal experience)...

Awesome song with a hidden meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mind performed by System of a Down

This song is about religion and how it implants false thoughts into people at a young age --- "Mentally molested children" with references to Mother Mary and sinning. It also shows how religion tries to ease you in or seduce you into itself and all its false promises --- "Oh baby come close to me…". It mentions "Blame, Hate and Faith's Seed" which can be perceived as religious aspects because religions like to use blame and the guilt card by shaming people into the belief that they are sinners and only the Church can save them. Hate is also common is religions towards other faiths, as promoted in the Bible (2 Chronicles 15: 12-13). The line "lives rearranged and lives in my range can you see" send to me to be about just how much the Church can affect one's life for the Church's gain. It also talks about the religious fanatic mentality of executing people of other faiths, atheists or anyone who speaks out against their religion --- "Free thinkers are dangerous" and "Gonna let you motherfuckers die". In my mind, the lines "look at each other…" are depicting a group of people about do be put to death for heresy and this song could be either their last thoughts or last words.

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