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Sonic Youth Sympathy For The Strawberry Lyrics

Last updated: 11/11/2009 11:00:00 AM

Let me introduce you
(feel the wind soooo)
Since you saw my shadow self
Living underneath you
(over here)
She can't resist a tickle out
I'm a girl scout
Searching for the new stuff

Did I mention that it melts away
(all gone)
She puts a sign out
(I want a)
Out of order
(I want a building that stays)
Makes you strongly disobey
Guiding you away
(I promised you)
Chiding you away

So quick to hide when I turn around
She will rise just to embarass me
She likes to dance when it's dark inside
Just a flashlight there, for a guide
Try to catch me if you can
It's free and wild, watch where you stand
Below the net, desire it grows and grows
Like a strawberry not a rose
Prickly patch don't you stand on me
Squishin' down in the mud
In your eye