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Sympathy Biography

Last updated: 02/03/2007

Fast, furious and ferocious. Dharok (vocals/guitars) from Canada started SYMPATHY in the early 1990's with its own unique style of death-metal with sickening aggression: mixing the haunting with the saintly, the malignant with the majestic and the hellish with the heavenly. Today the music has been compared to artists like DIMMU BORGIR and IMMOLATION. Creating brutal death-metal with elements from the black-metal. Dharok recorded a first demo back in 1991, followed by a full-length album called 'Arrogance And Ignorance'. Two years later SYMPATHY returned with a second full-length 'Age Of Darkness', which mixed thrash and death-metal with synthesisers for the first time. And in 1996 the demo 'Realms Of Chaos' opened the doors into a new era. 2002 - After five years of absence Dharok will return with SYMPATHY. This time with the help of the FEAR DARK label from Holland. They released Dharoks third album 'Invocation'. End of times is near as SYMPATHY rises from the grave, again and again…