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Rilo Kiley Sword Lyrics

Last updated: 01/12/2006 11:00:00 AM

He fell on a sword
Not two years ago today
And if you haven't noticed
I've been waiting for you to take me away

If nothing warrants nothing
I'll gladly give you away
For every goddamn moment
There's something of mine that gets in the way
It's all in the movies I've seen
It's all in the movies I've seen

Laurence of Arabia, he failed eleven plus
I never went to college
I'm sure it's obvious
I know it's off the subject
And I'm starting to feel uncomfortable
Cause when I start to talk about you
It's just like the movies I've seen

There I go I fucked it up for you, I know
I should let you go
That's my reasoning
But there's no reasoning
With a melodramtic fool like me
Ah fuck it, here's your love song
That you've been asking for
It's the best I could do without saying
I love -
Thanks to Cecily Allen for submitting Sword Lyrics.