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“What is true happiness?” asks Switchfoot frontman Jon
Foreman. “Is it a comfortable four-door sedan with tinted
windows? Does it mean I have 2.3 children and a beautiful
wife and live in a great neighborhood? Everyone has their
own version of what happiness means, but many of the things
we’re going for, and I include myself in this, are absurd.
There’s this moment in Jewish scripture, in Ecclesiastes,
where it says, ‘Meaningless, meaningless, everything is
meaningless.’ That’s the place where our new record starts.”

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Review about Switchfoot songs
My thoughts | Reviewer: A Williams
    ------ About the song Your Love Is A Song performed by Switchfoot

I heard this song on the radio just once, and wondered who'd made it. It had such a great melody to it, and I just turned it up loud. I think Switchfoot are the best 'covert Christian' band around. Great worship song and melodious rock song all in one. Play on, Switchfoot!

Last lines are wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Happy Is A Yuppie Word performed by Switchfoot

Last lines are:
So come down, yeah.

The lines are an echo of the "kingdom coming down" line above.

Jon's message is that only in the "kingdom" is there meaning and an antidote to the emptiness.

Favorite Song! | Reviewer: Anonymous xD
    ------ About the song On Fire performed by Switchfoot

It was two years back that I came to know about this song. And ever since I've heard it, don't know why, this has become my favorite song. :)
Switchfoot, you're rocking the world!

Brilliant Lyrics | Reviewer: Robert
    ------ About the song Amateur Lovers performed by Switchfoot

I think this is about the same harmful things we do over and over, especially culturally accepted bad behavior (drinking, drugs, promiscuity) that messes us up and we say "allright, let's do it again." - because that's out nature and everyone else is messing up too. And we do it by choice.
This is brilliant social satire - don't miss the message.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Robert
    ------ About the song 4:12 performed by Switchfoot

Just an irresistibly catchy song with transcendent lyrics - for all the talk otherwise, souls are not made of stone - and that fact is a conflict with the world that we face every day.

Full of memeries | Reviewer: Ijala philip
    ------ About the song Yesterdays performed by Switchfoot

I'm in Africa, where it takes the whole village to approve the love of your life.unfortunately after being approved, Jackie decides to leave me. when i heard this track, her full memories triked me down. ojalaphilip2@gmail.com

blessing of God no matter how you see it | Reviewer: Garcia
    ------ About the song Afterlife performed by Switchfoot

this song is a very well writen song I beleave that the way the song is played is for all to hear it, listen to it, and let the spirt of God do it's work on the person. God Bless all who call upon his name, and those who don't God bless;s you to just be wear of the harvest.

a breakthough! | Reviewer: tolto
    ------ About the song We Are One Tonight performed by Switchfoot

'We are one' is definitely a breakthrough in modern rock music. A style that transcends one's imagination of good music! It gives the lesser mortals a hope of redemption from the evils and diseases of this world. United as one, we can make this world a lovelier place to breathe in. Thanks Switchfoot!

The Brutal Truth | Reviewer: Emily New
    ------ About the song Easier Than Love performed by Switchfoot

Wow, this song really hits home, not only with men, but with women. I know I get carried away with the romance movies, books, and fantasies, but is that really love? Not really, it's sex, lust, and infatuation.

Loldude | Reviewer: Patrick
    ------ About the song Learning To Breathe performed by Switchfoot

I love switchfoot so much and when i hear this song it realy reaches out to me..... If you dont like switchfoot......... Than listen to more songs like this or like vise verses of hello huricane or my favorite stars

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