Switchfoot Albums

  • The Edge Of The Earth Album (9/9/2014)
    Fading West
    Against The Voices
    Skin And Bones
    What It Costs
    Slow Down My Heartbeat
    The Edge Of The Earth

  • Fading West Album (1/14/2014)
    Love Alone Is Worth the Fight
    Who We Are
    When We Come Alive
    Say It Like You Mean It
    The World You Want
    Slipping Away
    Let It Out
    All Or Nothing
    Saltwater Heart
    Back to the Beginning Again

  • Vice Verses Album (9/27/2011)
    The Original
    The War Inside
    Blinding Light
    Selling The News
    Dark Horses
    Rise Above It
    Vice Verses
    Where I Belong

  • Eastern Hymns For Western Shores Album (4/1/2010)
    We Are Bound
    Daylight To Break
    Dirty Second Hands (Original Demo)
    Connect With The Spine

  • Hello Hurricane Album (11/6/2009)
  • Oh! Gravity. Album (12/26/2006)
  • Nothing Is Sound Album (9/13/2005)
  • The Beautiful Let Down Album (2/25/2003)
  • Learning to Breathe Album (9/26/2000)
  • New Way to Be Human Album (3/23/1999)
  • Legend of Chin Album (6/17/1997)

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    Nothing Is Sound | Reviewer: Daniel Lewis
        ------ About the album Nothing Is Sound performed by Switchfoot

    Nothing Is Sound is such a good album.Lonely Nation & Stars are the best songs.Ever since they joined columbia records they have done better albums.(The Beautiful Letdown, Nothing Is Sound, Oh! Gravity)

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