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Vanessa Carlton Swindler Lyrics

Last updated: 10/05/2005 12:00:00 PM

I've been mistaken
you swindle once again
now there's no question
I was wrong

and now I stand alone
just a dent in your throne
your true colors shown
you don't belong

and now I'm lost
and now I run from you
and now I see just how I bleed from you
and all the lies, all the lies
how could I let you in
but now it's clear, I went along for the ride

hey Mr. Merry Men
I know you'll come again
'till you find just what you're looking for

if I'm your little lamb
oh would you leave again
oh no, I bet you'd stay for more


and now I'm findin' out that you are nothin' 'but
what I thought you were
and now I understand just how you work your plan
first you're warm and then you just burn


and I will make my way through another day
cause I know better now
and you'll drop another line on someone elses time
but in me you still resound

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