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The Charlie Daniels Band Sweetwater Texas Lyrics

Last updated: 12/16/2012 07:26:27 AM

When I was a young man in Sweetwater Texas
Just one thing stayed on my mind
To ride a white horse over Durango Mountain
And leave Sweetwater Texas behind

Well I turned twenty-one there in Sweetwater Texas
And just one thing made me stay there
I wanted to leave but I was in love with
the girl with the chestnut brown hair

Then there came a time
when she said she be mine
And go any place anytime
So we rode a gray dog over Durango Mountain
And left Sweetwater Texas behind

It was thunderin' and lightin' when we left Nolan County
And the bus rolled along through the night
And ole thirty-six was a magic black demon
leading towards the cities bright lights

It was ten in the mornin' when we rolled in to Houston
Our hopes where as high as the sky
But hopes turned to weeks, then to years, and then forever
I never knew how fast time goes by

And cowboys sellin' cars
and country girls in bars
Somehow just don't seem fair
And I wanted to die 'cause I knew I was losin'
The girl with the chestnut brown hair

So many times I said
I'd rather be dead
than to take downs to go to bed
and ups to clear my head

But if the good Lord sees his way
to let me live one more day
I'm so tired of being alone
Gonna ride a white horse over Durango Mountain
And make Sweetwater Texas my home
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