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The day after my eighteenth birthday I moved to Los Angeles
to really try to make it. I moved into a one bedroom
apartment with five other people, a dog, and a bird. We
slept on the floor and only ate peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches. I was very excited and broke. I wanted to go to
college at the same time, so during the day I worked as a
legal assistant went to auditons, and at night and on
weekends I went to school.

It was a nightmare! I really hated it. I never slept and I
felt so far away from my dream. I had hundreds of More...

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Review about Sweetbox songs
Love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Everything's Gonna Be Alright performed by Sweetbox

The meaning of the lyrics are a little confusing... Is it a solider in a coma or did he die? And is she talking to the solider and God( can you give him life today)? I absolutely love this song and her voice . It's the kind of singing that gives me shivers :)

Finally | Reviewer: hawke2992
    ------ About the song 1000 Words (final Fantasy X-2 Mix) performed by Sweetbox

after years of playing the game I finally got to see the lyrics and what Jade(sweetbox)looked like,a beautiful song,a beautiful voice,and Jade is quite the beauty herself.Wish I had got the internet installed looooong ago!Thankyou Jade,and all who helped to make ff10-2 such a wonderful game!!!!

Meaning of "Chyna Girl" | Reviewer: Lily
    ------ About the song Chyna Girl performed by Sweetbox

For the people who have questioned the meaning behind the lyrics and/or the expression "Chyna Girl": I think the song is about to being the secret lover of a married (or otherwise attached) man. Well, it's pretty clear if you think about it. Ever read "The Scarlet Letter"? That's about a woman whose adulterous affair is discovered and she is publicly shamed as a result.

Better than I thought | Reviewer: Paige
    ------ About the song 1000 Words (final Fantasy X-2 Mix) performed by Sweetbox

This song is a lot better than I thought it would be. I mean, I thought this song wasn't honna be that good and all. But seeing the video really made me wanna cry so bad. It has a meaning. A solemn promise. I think this is by far better than Real Emotion. By far.

Amazing | Reviewer: andrew
    ------ About the song 1000 Words performed by Sweetbox

I like this song so much. I am not afraid to admit I like this song. I might not cry to this song or story, but it still feels like I am about to cry when I here this song. I am trying to find the CD in English and for cheap but I can't. Well anyway a very good song non the less.

i love this song so much! | Reviewer: tina aerith Liongson
    ------ About the song 1000 Words (final Fantasy X-2 Mix) performed by Sweetbox

i first heard this in our karaoke, yet i d0nt kn0w how to sing it, i became curious about it, since i aLready know eyes on me and suteki da ne, i just recentLy downLoaded this song and i'm so gLad i'm haLfway through memorizing the whoLe song! Final fantasy rules!

my thoughts | Reviewer: ffxlover
    ------ About the song 1000 Words performed by Sweetbox

i cant get over this song its just a simple masterpiece it changed me inside it made me cry i cant stop thinking about it but my brother sold the game so yeah i cant listen to it anymore i love that game so much

final fantasy x and x-2 best games ever | Reviewer: trent
    ------ About the song 1000 Words (final Fantasy X-2 Mix) performed by Sweetbox

i dnt think a 100000 words would be able to tell how good the song 1000 words is i first heard it when i played x-2 i am most impressed with this song n wish they made more.. o and u dnt need to save the game der to watch it al da time.. when u wana watch it head down to luca theres a movie theatre der u can buy the scene n watch it should cost around 1000 gil

Blessed Is This Song | Reviewer: Joshua Rainwater
    ------ About the song 1000 Words (final Fantasy X-2 Mix) performed by Sweetbox

Well, I just now got this game, and after seeing this part, I had to save the game to where I can see it over and over and over again...
Just listening to this song makes me cry, but makes me so excited all at once.

I wonder if any of the other Final Fantasy games have songs like this one...

To whoever thought of this song,


Flagitastic! :D SO AWESOME! | Reviewer: S U G A R ;>
    ------ About the song 1000 Words performed by Sweetbox

I love this song so much it makes me cry. :D

All because of Final Fantasy. > ^ <

Yuna looked so cute while singing this song. With Lenne. Their (Shuyin and Lenne's) story was so sad. D: Yuna said something about this song being Lenne's feelings? Well Lenne has good taste. xD

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