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Sweetbox Biography

Last updated: 03/23/2012 12:00:00 PM

The day after my eighteenth birthday I moved to Los Angeles to really try to make it. I moved into a one bedroom apartment with five other people, a dog, and a bird. We slept on the floor and only ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I was very excited and broke. I wanted to go to college at the same time, so during the day I worked as a legal assistant went to auditons, and at night and on weekends I went to school.

It was a nightmare! I really hated it. I never slept and I felt so far away from my dream. I had hundreds of opportunitys that almost happened but didnt. And I had thousands of "NO". It seemed impossible most of the time. I worked many odd jobs, waitressing, telephone operator, and even a car washer. Despite all of it I kept trying, and I really dont know how I survived or why I kept trying. Then I got my first big brake. I was enrolled in a songwirting class at UCLA, and I met a famous songwriter who was also my favorite songwriter named Alan Rich. I told him I was a singer and he ofcourse thought I was crazy. I followed him to his car and he tried to get in his car and drive away. But I didnt give up I ran along side his car in high heel shoes and as he was rolling up his window I managed to slip my demo in his car.

As he drove away I stood there catching my breath thinking if I ever make it Ill remember the humiliation of this moment and laugh. Well three days later he called me! I couldnt believe it! He actually liked my tape and wanted to play it for people. (Thank God Im a fast runner).

The next day he introduced me to the producers of Sweetbox and they asked me to work with them. Now at that moment I thought it was gonna be a oneway ticket to the top. HAHAHA!

It was only the beginning of the climb. My solo deal somehow got turned into a group deal. I was then put into a girls group with two of my best friends.

We tried the group for a year, and I really wish it had worked because we were amazing. It was really the perfect group and we wrote the coolest music together! But like all bands politics and lawsuits got in the way. Luckily all of us found success as individuals and eventually our hearts mended and we became friends again. THANK GOD! I guess it just wasn´t destiny.

Not too long after my band broke up I became the infamous Sweetbox and learned to be a solo artist. And the rest all of you know.