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Marvin Gaye Sweet Thing Lyrics

Last updated: 06/09/2002 10:56:42 PM

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Oh you don't always say the words I wanna hear, no baby
To me you're really saying something dear
Oh you're not the kind of girl to win a beauty prize
Just your smile, girl, lets me know where your beauty lies
Makes me realize you're a sweet thing, you're a sweet thing baby

Listen honey, you can't seem to do the things I ask you to
Oh but I can't help but love the way you do the things you do
Oh you're not the kind of girl that men just can't resist
There's a certain something in your kiss, oh makes me wanna sing
Oh you're a sweet thing, you are a sweet thing baby

Oh there may be a lot of things you'll never be
Ooo but the little things you are, they mean everything to me
So love, don't ever try and be all mankind's ideal
Just stay the way you are right now girl, truthful and for real
You've got your appeal
Oh you're a sweet thing, honey you're a sweet thing
You're sweeter than wine, that's why I'm glad you're mine
Baby, sweeter than a rose, ooo so my love just grows and grows
...and fade

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