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Kenny Rogers Sweet Music Man Lyrics

Last updated: 06/26/2008 11:00:00 AM

I wouldn't listen and I couldn't see
And all I have left now are words you said to me,
Sing your song sweet music man,
'cos I won't be there to hold your hand like I used to,
I'm thro' with you.

You're a hell of a singer and a powerful man
But you surround yourself
With people who demand so little of you.

You touched my soul with your beautiful song,
You even had me singing along right with you,
You said I need.

Then you changed the words and added harmony
And you sang the song you had written for me
To someone new.

But nobody sings a love song quite like you do
And nobody else could make me sing along
And nobody else could make me feel
That things are right when I know they're wrong
(that things are right when you're wrong with the song)
Nobody sings a love song quite like you.

Sing your song sweet music man
You travel the world with a six piece band
That does for you what you ask 'em to.

And you try to stay young
But the songs you've sung to so many people
They've all begun to come back on you.

So sing your song sweet music man,
You're making your living doing one night stands,
That prove to you they don't need you.

You're still a hell of a singer but a broken man,
But you're keep on looking for one last fan
To sing 'em to.

But nobody sings...
So sing your song sweet music man
I believe in you.

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Sweet Music Man | Reviewer: Felton Dunn | 6/26/2008

I remember hearing this song on the radio in my car, late at night, about 1977, when it was fairly new. I pulled over and stopped until it finished. I learned it and sang it many times in those days. Recently, a friend requested it again, so I had to patch back together some of the lyrics! A rare writing credit for Kenny--but a fine job.

Sweet Music Man | Reviewer: Gary Reed | 2/26/2006

Just heard this on CMT crossroads with Lionel Richie and ran to I tunes to download. Great song, great flow, typical Kenny Rogers. He never gets old and his songs sound better than they did 30 years ago.