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Latif Sweet Misery Lyrics

Last updated: 07/05/2009 11:00:00 AM

Yeah whats up with you girl?(all right all right all right)
Its like i cant live wit you
and i cant live without you

[Verse 1:]
The love you give me
is kinda hard to explain
you put me soul at ease
but at the same time you treat me pains
Theres nothing funny about you baby
but you still make me laugh
We're compatible but its like we're they same

Your my sweet misery yeah
i hate to admit it
but your my everything
the love you give me
is like the perfect pain yeah
the one i hate (yeah
the one i love
the one i blame

[Verse 2:]
Your love is a dream
but at the same time you
could be like we're married
get on me last nerve
but i am lonely when your not there
you get an attittude (how you gonna get an attitude?)
when i go out at night
but when you get mad at me its all right


cant live without you baby
but i cant live with you
misery, misery
wow wow wow wow


your my sweet... misery
i hate to admit it but...your my everything
the love that you give like the perfect pain yeah
the one i hate
the one i love
the one i blame

everything inside of got to be my sweet... misery
no doubt in my mind your give me that sweet...misery yeah
the one i hate
the one i love
the one i blame

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i love this song | Reviewer: chocolate | 7/5/09

this song reminds me so much of my boyfriend we been 2gether 4 2wo years and i put him threw so much and after all that he still remains to stick by my side threw the pain he goes threw wit me he still loves me threw everything

but anyway i love this song the words are so tru ...

Nice Song | Reviewer: dee | 11/14/08

Last night, my boyfriend came home singing this song to me. He said I was his *Sweet Misery.* I never heard the song b4 until he played it last night and I was thinking to myself after really listening to it....I never knew how strong his feelings were for me until now. To me he was always actin hard but Im glad I know for certain that he really does love me

THE PERFECT PAIN! | Reviewer: COURTNEY | 11/11/07


What i think this song is saying | Reviewer: LaTisha | 3/22/07

I love this song..It reminds me of this boy me the song is sayin that even though she puts him through so much he can't help but love her..Even when hw doesn't want to..There's just somthing about her love thats just got him hooked..Ltxx

Mistake Verse 1 | Reviewer: carla | 8/12/04

i love this just shows oow some guys are still there for us though how much we gurls hurt them

BUt in Verse 1 its " but at the same time YOU BRING ME PAIN"

yah anyways this song is so sweet the Latif's voice is just so amazing....
i also love the ebat and melody....basically how well the song was put together......