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Sweet dreams are made of this.
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas.
Everybody's looking for something.
(Chorus: Some of them want to use you.
Some of them want to get used by you.
Some of them want to abuse you.
Some of them want to be abused.)
(Repeat First Verse)
I wanna use you and abuse you.
I wanna know what's inside you.
(Whispering and Moaning: Hold your head up, movin' on.
Keep your head up, movin' on.)
(Repeat Three Times)
Movin' on!
(Repeat First Verse)
I'm gonna use you and abuse you.
I'm gonna know what's inside.
Gonna use you and abuse you.
I'm gonna know what's inside you.

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MM is a true artist. | Reviewer: Dadgar M | 9/1/14

I believ that MM is a true artist. His "Rock is dead" music video led me to the world of MM.
I'm a rock singer and I'm feeling proud to say I'm inspired by marilyn and I do love this man. He is far beyond what most people think.
And I know deep inside he suffers only for the stupidity of mankind.
He is nice, kind, smart and really wise.
Don't judge him unless you've watched his interviews.
He is great and free.MM I respect you ;)

marilyn manson<3 | Reviewer: none of your businessss | 6/30/13

Im so tired of people saying bad things about mm .hes really a good guy if you would take the time to get to know him through interviews and stuff like that its stupid how Christians are supposed to be non violent and loving and forgiving yet he receives death threats for being himself .fro being different.for being what we are all too afraid to be . he does not believe in god or the bible BUT WHO REALLY CARES?! ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS he believes that its our own hard work that gets us to where we are and not god he also believes in being yourself and not following the rules that some piece of paper says . I LOVE YOU MM

stop hating | Reviewer: cecilia | 2/2/13

I would stop the hate. OK I love his muice okay!!!!!!! :/

Whaat | Reviewer: danny | 4/12/12

FOR those that don't KNOW, this isn't MARILYN MANSON'S REAL SONG. It is a COVER. HE made a COVER. And the whole gothic thing? an ACT. An expression, an ART. it may be crap to you, but others appreciate it. Don't be Hitler. We hav eour freedom. You have yours.

OMFG | Reviewer: the lost | 1/18/12

do you know what i felt when i read some of the reviews? i felt like someone is pissing on my future grave.seriously ppl......most of you who comment about dressing like chicks(OMG)and being satan's servant.....you are psychic virgins....believe me.you must be in a certain state of mind to be able to undrestand and really feel the meanings of his songs or his characters and not everyone can be in this state of mind, so if you CAN be..good for you...if you can't be but you undrestand the fact that we live in the 21 century and that YOU ARE OPEN MINDED than well good for you too but if you can't be in that state of mind and if you don't want to undrestand and respect that point of view then seriously why do you think "review this song" is an option? its an option so that if your in the 3rd group you don't review and just enjoy the song(or don't for all we care).remember...... 21 century.

Mkwp123 | Reviewer: Madison | 12/14/11

I love this song.

And to all of you saying he's satan's servant, and he's going to hell, I hope you all no that for condemning somebody, you all are going to hell now too, and that's according to your religion. Think about that.

Religious prejudice, much? | Reviewer: hahahaha@youwish.com | 10/17/11

Look, I'm pretty tired of seeing all of this discriminating shit against MM. Sure it may not be his real name, but personally, I think it's pretty cool. People (presumbly Catholics, forgive me if I'm wrong, and not that I have anything against you) saying that he is Satan's sevant and stuff, just suck it up and get on with your life. I mean, it's not actually hurting you phyisically, or mentally (and if it is, then I think you need some professional help). Essentially, what you're proposing is that he should be burnt on a stake for not believing what you want him to. It's like trying to convert a Hindu (I've got nothing against them either), the original faith is still there, merely suppressed. "God" gave us minds to think independently, not to force our religions onto each other. It's also a bit like calling a Protestant a Muslim (nothing against them either), then shooting them for it. So, let him be who he wants, and get on with your lives.
Also, love this song loads, 5/5 :)

Haters.. | Reviewer: Shannon | 10/14/11


Im Sorry But SERIOUSLY? x'D
It Makes Me Laugh How People Can Actually Call Him A Freak? I Men Like Really? e_o
Yes He Dresses A Bit Different To How YOu'd Like Him To But ..FUCK IT!
He Can Dress How He Likes.. So SHould ANybody In My Opinion.
Today In Our Society People Care Way Too Much On How Others Will Judge Them. Im Not Sure ABout You But Id Love To Be Able To COme Out Of My House Dressing The Way I Wan't, Expressing Who I Am.. Showing My Interests (i.e. Band T-Shirts).

I Do Wear Band T-Shirts And Stuff And I Do Get Called Many Things.. (i.e. Fag, Emo,Punk) Im Not Any Of Those Things. Yet Im Called Them.

MM Don't Give A Fuck On What You Think. Haters Can Hate But Tbh, At The End Of The Day.. Thats What Makes MM, MM.

(Sorry FOr The Typo's :l.. Im KInda In A Business Lesson ;x)

STOP SHIT! | Reviewer: Evnightlerd | 7/2/11

Ok, religious ones, GO AND SHIT ON SHEPERD'S CHURCH, I AM NOT SATANIST, I USED TO HATE MARILYN, now I like his songs, and I really BELIEVE IN CHRIST, If Marilyn would regret he'd be accepted by GOD. OK? Stoopid religions.

STOP TALKIN SHIT ON MARILYN MANSON | Reviewer: Nicole | 5/6/11

Ok so everyone knows he is a freak INCLUDING HIM. And he doesn't give a fuck whether you like his makeup or the way he dresses. All that matters is his music and he is no poser. Hes got that attitude if you dont like my music than fuck off. He might be a weirdo but who cares, as long as he got talent. Stop talking shit you little dumbasses saying how hes gonna burn in hell, what are you a jesus freak? you should burn in hell for talking shit on someone you don't even know personally.

Marilyn Manson is that shit and if you dont like him then why are you looking up his lyrics? You dumb fucks go get a life!

And for all my manson fans, hell yeaaa!! <3 I've seen him 3 times so far and would NEVER regret it once.

Repent, repent and repent! | Reviewer: Muse is da shit | 4/6/11

Well Jada, you have met him right? How did you do that? A sick freak is more interesting than God? Just go kill yourself for this one :p And btw, who the fuck cares about his wealth? I personally am bored of this song because it's played on the radio stations every day...

Herpdy Depedy | Reviewer: UE | 12/10/10

Oh god is it a common trait for people to be nutjobs and not have any sense of how to spell or compose a blasted sentence.

The biggest irony is that these people are wasting their time with this pointless stuff. Go grow up and please stop attacking random people who you know nothing about and get an education instead okay.
If you cannot correctly spell or write a cognitive intelligent argument I seriously think you should be banned from the internet.

poserrrs. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/10

MM is a complete poser, so are his so called fans. Take off his makeup and contact lenses and all that is left is a desperate fag. So MM think your gonna have fun in hell? Think again dumbass, or better yet no i hope you don't so you have a good time burnng in hell.

He's a messanger from Satan | Reviewer: y.s.Jeon | 9/5/10

He's absorbed in the evil spirit. His life proves it. "Bad influences on children" this article sufficiently proves his evil intentions.
Who are naive may say that they are his fans. But, shit! He's Satan's servant.

I just gotta say | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/10

It's a good song, I like Marilyn Manson and all... but you people do realize that he didn't even write this song, right? It's a cover that was originally done by a band called the Eurythmics. He changed up the music and added the final verse in the song, but for the most part, someone else's stuff. Just thought I'd mention that for anyone who didn't know.

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