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Camera Obscura Swans Lyrics

Last updated: 10/03/2012 05:21:24 AM

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There's flowers in my house
And I bought them myself
No surprises in the record collection
You must have thought I was someone else

I'm still afraid to get lost
In a city I might explore
But I'm not afraid to have
An eloquent boy at my door

at my door
at my door
at my door

Oh you want to be a writer
Fantastic idea
You say you've never seen America
I really think you'll like it there

Maybe you should travel with me
Is this the best idea
Because you've never seen a Redwood
and you've never touched a deer

a deer
a deer

a deer
a deer
my dear

Are swans deceiving us all?
Oh I for one should know
I never felt myself so graceful
And I never swam so slow

so slow
so slow
so slow...

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