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Bane Swan Song Lyrics

Last updated: 11/23/2012 11:15:40 AM

Today won't be like yesterday
The bell tolls for an hour straight
Screaming mothers chase their children down
Fathers tear out their eyes
As the city topples to the ground

Outside the streets are in a panic
Truth sellers jump from tall, tall ledges
No sign of Christ with a sword in his mouth
Beneath the blood red sky I'll sit and laugh with you tonight

This is a promise I made to you
I'll be right there
I'll be right next to you

When the trumpets blare the loudest and cannons roar
All the trains that once came for you
Spill off the tracks floor
All your horrors they multiply
And you realize your fears
I'll block your ears with both of my hands
Kiss away the tears

When the armageddon's been locked and loaded
I will come back for you...

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I doubt Aaron would cry or care. | Reviewer: BrandonJamesCAC | 11/22/12

Lyrically, this song is one of Bane's absolute best. The verse is so powerful hen sung as opposed to yelled. I agree that Screamo is a sub-genre but is defined ambiguously, at best. Bane, along with Have Heart and Modern Life is War have presented hardcore/punk music with a desperately needed jolt of positive, forward thinking. And back to the semantics of Screamo, in relation to this track, the title is Swan SONG and it stands out due to that singing piece. Much love -

Bane Saved My Soul | Reviewer: Ritch | 1/31/08

It's Bane's lyrical content that for me put them at the top of the pile. Such a great band, with passion and purpose. This song is no exception.

And there's no doubt about it, it's straight up hardcore.

Not emo, not screamo. Nothing but hardcore.

Love | Reviewer: Mike | 1/3/08

this is the best example of a hardcore love ballad i know, it's truely a great song.

You can call it emo/screamo/nemo if you like, doesn't detract from the greatness of the song

SCREAMO!?!?!?!?!? Are you FUCKING KIDDING | Reviewer: Agnostic Spence | 8/29/07

I'm sorry, but the comments made by will and bannnne just made me throw up a little in my mouth. This is not screamo/emo or anything of that nature. Just because the guy sings ONE fucking verse instead of his typical style DOES NOT automatically justify calling BANE screamo. Bane are one of the few "succesfull" true CORE bands around right now. GIVE MORE GIVE EVERYTHING GIVE BLOOD

wtf | Reviewer: angry edge kid | 6/12/07

you fucking idiots,
dont mention "emo" and/or "melodic/screamo"
both shitty sub genres that no one has a clear defonition of,
BANE is pure hardcore so step back and go listen to "MCR" or some other gay/pop/shitecore band

wow. | Reviewer: Will | 4/18/07

yeah i would have to agree completely with the other review and i'd like to add that its very appropriate because of the level of the emotion the just flares of this song. like many others but i hate to say... but they make emo sound good.

Excellent | Reviewer: BANNNNNE | 7/3/05

a different twist for bane with the melodic/screamo singing towards the end but a very good song, i can't get enough of it, give blood bane with the not so typical screamo added in, very good combonation