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Coldplay Swallowed In The Sea Lyrics

Last updated: 04/02/2011 11:00:00 AM

You cut me down a tree
And brought it back to me
And that's what made me see
Where I was going wrong
You put me on a shelf
And kept me for yourself
I can only blame myself
You can only blame me

And I could write a song
A hundred miles long
Well, that's where I belong
And you belong with me

And I could write it down
Or spread it all around
Get lost and then get found
Or swallowed in the sea

You put me on a line
And hung me out to dry
And darling that's when I
Decided to go to see you

You cut me down to size
And opened up my eyes
Made me realize
What I could not see

And I could write a book
The one they'll say that shook
The world, and then it took
It took it back from me

And I could write it down
Or spread it all around
Get lost and then get found
And you'll come back to me
Not swallowed in the sea


And I could write a song
A hundred miles long
Well, that's where I belong
And you belong with me

The streets you're walking on
A thousand houses long
Well, that's where I belong
And you belong with me

Oh what good is it to live
With nothing left to give
Forget but not forgive
Not loving all you see

Oh the streets you're walking on
A thousand houses long
Well that's where I belong
And you belong with me
Not swallowed in the sea

You belong with me
Not swallowed in the sea
Yeah, you belong with me
Not swallowed in the sea

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Look into it. | Reviewer: Jeniffer | 4/1/11

This song is God talking to his children.

"You cut me down a tree”: the apple bitten;

"You put me on a shelf and kept me for yourself": Jesus saying to let the children go to him;

"Get lost and get found": once was lost and then was found (the bible verse);

"You cut me down to size": crucifixion;

"The book, the one they say that shook the world": the bible;

"Swallowed in the Sea": the sea is the place where your sins and past will be cast into.

"Oh what good is it to live, With nothing left to give, Forget but not forgive, Not loving all you see": God saying to love your brothers and sisters and to treat each day with patience and love, as a sacred gift.

There are several other verses in the song that connect it to God, too. :] Look into it.

The Best | Reviewer: sadegh | 3/11/11

This is not only the best song of the album
but also the best song ColdPlay have ever written.
and probably the best song I have ever heard.
the first time I heard this I played it over and over
again for about 2 hours.I couldn't stop listening.
sorry for bad english.I'm persian.

anda kate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/11

I love this song, I think that there are so many people that often do get swallowed in their own thoughts and lives. I think if you allow yourself to just let your guard down to another- like he does in this song, that anyone can be saved. Love like that is out there.

song meaning possibility | Reviewer: Melanie | 1/6/10

I believe it is about a girl leading a guy on and she doesn't know what she wants but they have this undeniable attachment to each other. He finds good in everything she does and can't let her go and desperately wants them to work. He won't give up, and is telling her not to be [swallowed in the sea] aka distracted by other things/people.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Adele | 12/14/09

I believe Chris wrote this song for his wife, Gwyneth, at the time her father died, as she's admitted in an interview that she can't listen to it without crying. Gwyneth was depressed at that time.
Anyway, I think the title is a metaphor... "Swallowed in the sea" meaning she's sinking deeper and deeper into the depression, and it's consuming her personality, etc.
I think Chris is just saying, "I love you so much; you've done so much for me... We'll get through this together."
But that's just my interpretation...

This song is stunning. As mentioned before, it's so simple, beautiful and honest. The lyrics are so meaningful, and - like a lot of Coldplay songs - can be adapted to suit most situations.

(And, yes, I am a huge fan)

Wonderfulllll | Reviewer: Kelseyketchum | 4/19/09

I love this so much <3 I keep falling in love with coldplay songs. I thought my love with 'Yellow' would never be topped but then I found 'White Shadows', then it was 'Lovers in Japan'. This is the newest and loveliest <3

So amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/09

Chris sounds effortlessly beautiful in this song. Every time I hear it I feel calm and secure and just at peace. Amazing songs have the power to make you forget everything around you except for the lyrics and music playing and that's exactly what this song does.

Jord | Reviewer: You Know | 1/12/09

I don't think you will ever read this...but if you ever do, i want you to know i haven't stopped thinking about you..I wish it all could have played out perfectly, but it didn't.if only we could try again because you belong with me

Coldplay | Reviewer: Juan | 4/12/08

This song is the best song Coldplay has written, besides The Scientist.
Simple, beautiful, deep, true and honest to the core of any point that the song could have. It is true music in it's highest and most amazing point.
This is one of the best songs ever written.

wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/08

this song whisps my breath away. it is so beautiful. it is the love song of all love songs. it flows and is predictable, wich is one of the reason why when i hear it i just want to close my eyes, and cry. its so beautiful.