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Survivor was formed in the cold Chicago winter of 1977. The
original lineup consisted of Frankie Sullivan, Jim Peterik,
Dave Bickler, Dennis Johnson, and Gary Smith. By the end of
1978, Survivor was signed to a record deal with Scotti
Bros. Records. Under the patronage of John Kolodner, then
head of A&R for Atlantic Records, Survivor went into the
studio to cut their first album, "Survivor". This record,
released in 1980 with the single "Somewhere in America",
did moderately well and started to build a loyal base of

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Review about Survivor songs
the nwo | Reviewer: owo comspaya
    ------ About the song Eye Of The Tiger performed by Survivor

just a reminder to future generations of the underground presence of za 'illuminated' guys (read pawnsterz)
that would blatantly come to haunt em in C21, and here we are !
kick ass song.btw, waiting to listen to the backward version .. 'Belial' 'Belial' 'Belial'
ps: the thuggin guy :cheers:

A song for Rambo | Reviewer: Sandhya
    ------ About the song Man Against the World performed by Survivor

This is a beautiful song and very well made video with the Rambo I, II & III scenes.. it seems the writer has penned down this song after watching the Rambo character very closely and deeply.... i love Rambo, a perfect character Sly has played till date which suites his persona... and the song is just the right one for this movie... i think apart from Rambo theme song, this is also a beautiful number which will be very close to the hearts of Rambo lovers... Cheers for the writer, singer and composer of this song..!!

(Sly Lover)

Special Young Lady | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I See You In Everyone performed by Survivor

Even though this song has a good few years on it, there is a current young lady who means a lot to me since our birthdays are back-to-back and though I've told her that I love her I never told her everything about how badly I missed her while I was working at another place until I finally got back to working with her.

classic | Reviewer: darksharingan
    ------ About the song No Easy Way Out performed by Survivor

those were the good old days when everyone was innovative and talented, nowadays the music business don't want talent they just wanna make a quick buck.

This sets my heart ablaze! | Reviewer: Luigifan
    ------ About the song Burning Heart performed by Survivor

This song is truly awesome! Personally, I want to like it better than "Eye of the Tiger", but I also have to admit that Eye of the Tiger is a better fight song. However, "Burning Heart" does seem to make a good theme song for one of my pyrokinetic OCs... in fact, it just might displace Smash Mouth's "Walkin' On The Sun"! Yeah, what can I say? This song rocks!

Eye of The Tiger | Reviewer: Tommy
    ------ About the song Eye Of The Tiger performed by Survivor

this song is really one of the best in her time.. and even now. one of my favourites

thuged | Reviewer: galbe
    ------ About the song Eye Of The Tiger performed by Survivor

this song is thugging, if i were a true thug i would sing this song to show other thugs that im also a thug, so we can thug together, then we would thug along the streets singin this thugged out song. THUGGED

a great song | Reviewer: jesús
    ------ About the song I See You In Everyone performed by Survivor

Very emotional song......very beautiful.....10/10.
I love this song¡¡ I love Survivor rock band.
Jimi Jamison is one of the best singer ever.Ciao¡¡

Rockin' little tune! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Is On My Side performed by Survivor

The unfortunate thing about Survivor is that they're strung out by many as an 80s band. And while this may be true, some of their earlier tunes (pre Jimi Jamison) have some gritty vocals thanks to their original singer, Dave Bickler. Frankie Sullivan's guitar work is rock and roll-yet-bluesy and grossly underrated and their strength in the aor/arena rock genre truly shines on songs such as this.

cool 80's song | Reviewer: Julia .J
    ------ About the song Eye Of The Tiger performed by Survivor

This is a really cool song featured in lots of movies and the greatast song to sing along to.

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