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Camper Van Beethoven Surprise Truck Lyrics

Last updated: 11/13/2001 09:06:42 PM

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Well, some people say
that it's the ice cream truck
But it's not
No, it's not
it's not the magic bus
And it's not one of those family bus'
No, and it's not the ice cream truck
And it's, it's not the sheriff's truck
No, it's not the sheriff's truck
And they say it walks the line between good and evil
And sometimes he's bad, but it's not
And sometimes he's good, but it's not
No it's not
And it's not the magic bus
And it's not the cement truck
No, it's the surprise truck
Surprise Tuck
It's the Surprise Truck
Oh, yeah, it's the Surprise Truck
Surprise Truck
Surprise Truck

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