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Formed London, 1969; disbanded 1971; re-formed 1973;
disbanded 1988; re-formed 1997.

Back in 1969 Richard Davies met Dutch millionaire Stanley
August Miesegaes (commonly known as Sam) in Munich whilst
playing in a band called The Joint. He offered to sponsor
Davies if he formed a new group and Davies duly put
together line-up (A) after advertising for players in a
rock music paper. The new group was originally going to be
named Daddy but at Winthorp's suggestion it took its name
from W.H. Davies' book, 'The Autobiography Of A More...

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Review about Supertramp songs
Best Supertramp Song? | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Don't Leave Me Now performed by Supertramp

Rediscovering Supertramp in my fifties having been a fan in my teens and twenties I heard this song for the first time and was truly blown away! To my mind their best song ever.

Yo Mama | Reviewer: Lemar
    ------ About the song Goodbye Stranger performed by Supertramp

This song is about yo mama. Rick Davies was passing through America on his way to breakfast, when he ran into yo mama and they had a one night stand. Then, she gave birth to yo. So this is his sentimental feeling about how he felt bad that he had to say goodbye to yo mama and yo without even knowing yo. So then he went down and smoked a joint and got all high and forgot about everything...goodbye Mary...goodbye Jane. See, he couldn't even remember yo mama's name right. And then he needed more and he went out and shot up. And he was shiverin, and shinin, but by then he just forgot about everything -- couldn't feel no shame...nothin. And then he went off on his a wanderer...or, a junkie, you know? And then some preacher came and shook him up and said -- you got the devil in you boy! But he didn't care. You know, no problems. No problemo.

    ------ About the song Another Man's Woman performed by Supertramp

Seems to me this guy is having a fling with a married woman. He really likes her & wants him to choose him over her husband, but she won't, she "keeps him hanging on", she is getting best of both worlds - security & financial benefits of marriage, while having herself fun on the side.

what do you think?

Timeless | Reviewer: Camille
    ------ About the song The Logical Song performed by Supertramp

This is one of my all time " happy songs" I love the message it is timeless, the world seem to pull us in one direction but the truth is to be yourself. Be yourself without shame or doubt! WHO KNOWS WHO'S LOGICAL?

Best song of all time | Reviewer: Madleader
    ------ About the song Just Another Nervous Wreck performed by Supertramp

Had this been released as a single, it would have been a huge hit, perhaps even the signature song for Supertramp. The lyrics, filled with a titillating rage, would resonate with the youth of today, would they be aware that such a gem exists.

Fantastic feel good song. | Reviewer: ANDY G
    ------ About the song It's Raining Again performed by Supertramp

This song, performed by Roger Hodgeson is fantastic. Whilst a real feel good song in sure that everyone on the planet of at least a certain age can see a little of there selves in the events depicted here. What a talented singer/songwriter

awesome song! great music! :D | Reviewer: bvb army girl
    ------ About the song The Logical Song performed by Supertramp

(sorry my writing's long ^//-//^)ok, i love this song! i actually belive everything it says is true. when i was young i thought everything was always 'happy', it was all ruined when i found out bad things about my family and my life. (it was all lies) as time passed i grew into my TRUE self and had a 'creative' style that almost no one in school understood. it took a while cause before i was not ME because i had 'problems' (ex:depression, bipolar, etc) and took pills to be what they wanted me to be like so i wasnt able to show them MY REAL logical expressive self. when i finally became myself they all thought i was a freak and all HATED my music and art (im hardcore ._.), but i simply fought it all and protested against all descrimination and was my self. i love their music and hope messages like this get out more. :)

    ------ About the song Fool's Overture performed by Supertramp

Help me, please... I'm a Peruvian Supertramp fan, I have a problem about the lyrics, I purchased more than 7 different editions of the same album (PARIS LIVE) just to get the complete lyrics, but in all albums I bought I didn't find the opening Winston Churchill speech lyrics, I need it to be complete my lyrics songbook.
Please, somebody out there help me, sending me this lyrics at my email address:

    ------ About the song Goodbye Stranger performed by Supertramp

I have always loved this album, the songs were - at the time it was about albums and cassettes - unique. As for all of this "deeper meaning of the deeper meaning" why does it matter? It's just a song, a well produced, well arranged, well sung song. Hookers? Weed? WTF? It's just a song. Jeez.

goodbye stranger | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Goodbye Stranger performed by Supertramp

Regardless of what anybody else says or writes, I still like all of Supertamp's music. If you can't handle the vocals, then try listening to opera, or some of that Motown b.s. from the '60s. Classic rock music, with all of its innovative forms, will still be listened to long after all the rappers have been discovered to be the misogynists that they are. Jimi Hendricks and Chuck Berry were on the right path. (Of course, someone will point out that 'Hey Joe' was not a song about a man who idolized his woman, but at least you could understand the lyrics enough to grasp his reasons.) All this stuff being produced today is about nothing but hate. It has no musical qualities at all. Tribal beats will go the way of Gregorian chants.

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