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Zakk Wylde Superterrorizer Lyrics

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I'm your suicidal doomsday machine
Bestowing my grace on everything
My ill will shall never leave
Embracing until you cannot breathe


Crashing, burning, in you I confide
I'll drink and spew all your bloodstained pride
You're just a pinball inside my machine
Until you reach the falls my closing stream


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hard. fucking HARD | Reviewer: 211King | 5/23/2007

This could possibly be one of the hardest metal songs ever. I personally think the hardest metal songs are slower. If you can create an aggressive powerful song without having to resort to super speed shredding, you create a masterpiece. Superterrorizer is a perfect example. Yes, the solos are super-speed shredding, but the overall tone of the song slower. I'm not hating on fast metal songs, they're great, but if you can put together something just as powerful and engaging as a super-fast jam, that takes skill. Something of which zakk is not lacking.

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