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Usher Superstar. Lyrics

Last updated: 02/11/2007 11:00:00 AM

This is for you, you,
My number one,
This is for you, you,
My number one

Haaa-haaa-iaaa-uuuuuh-uuuh-whoooooa yea yea yea

Verse 1:
Spotlights, big stage,
Fifty-thousand fans screamin' in a rage,
Bodyguards, and limosines,
This is the way I see you in my dreams,

Papparazzi flash, a hundred pictures aaaall of yooou,
Hangin' on my bed room wall,
I'm kidd again, I feel like thirteen,
What I mean, since we fell in love,
Girl I be...

I be your groupie baby,
Cuz you are my superstar,
I'm your number one fan,
Gimme' your autograph,
Sign it right here, on my heart, (I'll beee*)
Yea, I'll be your groupie baby,
Cuz you are my superstar,
And as your number one fan,
I'll do all that I can,
To show you how super you are

Verse 2:
Front row, there I am,
Jumpin' and hollerin', wavin' both hands,
Would ya notice me, little me,
Drove twelve hours girl,
Juuust to seeeee your pretty faaaace,one more time
Bought my ticket, I was first in line,
This is a metaphor, to show how I adore (I adore) you,
Baby I do

((Repeat Chorus))

Now you know how I feel,
You're truly special, your love is legendary ta me,
Without you my life stands still,
I'll never leave your world, treat ya like a diva girl,
You're one of a kind,
Cuz they don't make em like you anymore,
Sooo, I'll be your fan for life,
I dedicate this to my superstar, for all time!

((Repeat Chorus))
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