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BarlowGirl Superstar Lyrics

Last updated: 06/08/2006 12:00:00 PM

Well, I spent my life dreaming super dreams,
But I hate to wake cause it's then I see,
That I'm nothing more than a dreamer,
Superstar in my dreams, I'm a dreamer.

See the lights of stardom were calling me,
Because only then someone I would be,
So my goal in life was to get there,
Never satisfied...

I wanna be a star,
But is that all I'm really here for?
And if I'm not a star, will it be ok?
Will I still be someone?

Guess I'm scared to wake from these super dreams,
Scared to live the life that's been waiting for me,
What would life be like with no bright lights?
Tell me who I'd be with no spotlight?

God you'll have to say who I really am,
'Cause I can not live in this perfect dreamland,
But I've heard your dreams might be better,
And I hope somehow... (ye-eah)


A superstar I may never be,
And that is just a reality.
Why can't we be,
God's superstars?

Chorus x2
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