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Bright Eyes Superman Lyrics

Last updated: 11/07/2007 10:00:00 AM

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I'd give anything to be with you
If only you would too
I spend my nights dreaming of you
Hoping one day they'd come true

I wish upon that shouting star
That seems to be just to far
You are my shining star
But you seem just so so far

You want a hero, or a superman
Someone with a california tan
If only, If only I could be that man
Your one and only superman

I'd pick you up when your down
I'd fly you all around
Even when the waves crash down
I'd find u when you can't be found

(Course Starts)

But I'm no superman
I'm just a man
Without the super baby
But maybe just maybe

I'll be your one and only superman
The one with a california tan
I can, I can be that man
Your one and only superman

(Course Ends)

I would be your superman and save your day
Any week or month, March, April, and May
I would be there with no doubt, no pay
Any where, any time of the day

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