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What started as a vision for a one-girl revolution has
multiplied into an army of nonconformists who believe in
themselves and their ability to affect change. So defines
the impact of Superchic[k], a Chicago-based band whose
albums inspire, empower, and entertain with a call to rise
above society's unhealthy trappings. Superchic[k] is ready
for another round, and the band's new album, Beauty From
Pain, breathes fresh life into their relentless search for
the next young revolutionary.
The band's previous albums - Karaoke Superstar, More...

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Review about Superchick songs
Great Song | Reviewer: Christian Witch
    ------ About the song Barlow Girls performed by Superchick

I love this song and it's message I'm a Wiccan (though is still believe in Jesus as my lord and saviour) and as a Wiccan I view sex as a sacred act between to people who truly love each other and preferably are married I also veiw my virginity as sacred and plan on holding onto it for as long as I can with these to beliefs in mind I plan on waiting for marriage I know plans can change but am at least going to try and if any guy tells me if I love him I will have sex with him I'm going to tell him that if he loves me he will wait for me. P.S. keep in mind I'm 15 and I already understand all of this.

Look Out The Window | Reviewer: vriskerz
    ------ About the song Stand In The Rain performed by Superchick

Hey everybody, my name's Alexandria, but everybody just calls me Vriskerz. Everyday, I look out the window, and look at my reflection. I usually see nothing, because I see nothing in myself. But ever since I heard this song, I've been seeing something in my reflection, and I'm liking what I'm seeing. Thank you Superchick, for making this song, and letting me see myself and smile and say "You look beautiful"

What Really Counts | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Stand In The Rain performed by Superchick

I've always felt so alone, ever since my mom died when I was really young. I always felt that there was no hope to be found, and I always thought that I was always going to be lost. My friends were all leaving me because I was different, because I saw things in the world they didn't. I would look at a rainbow and savor the true beauty, while they just stared at it as if it were a menace in the sky, like storm clouds. When I first heard this song about a year ago, I felt as if it was talking about me, because that's exactly the way I felt. So, afterwards, I stood in the rain. Literally. I didn't get the song very much, and standing in the rain just made me cold. So when I went to school the next day, I felt different. Happier. And that was the first time I had bee happy in a long time. After a few more years of loss and pain and depression, I found a true friend. A friend who helped me through everything, no matter how tough things got. I stood in the rain of insults and taunts, but always struggled to get back up again, but now, I have my best friend right by my side to grab my arms and pull me back up. And that's what truly counts in a friend. So whenever you're stuck in the rain, your true friend will be there to pull you back up. And you'll never drown again.

beautiful | Reviewer: survivor
    ------ About the song Courage performed by Superchick

I'm 21 now, I'm engaged with a beautiful daughter.
I weigh 8st and I'm getting there now.
At school I was never popular, I'd cut myself and cry myself to sleep every night. I felt my life was spiralling downwards out of control. I tried everything to fit in, then I stopped eating, and all of a sudden I felt in control of my life. people noticed me and I felt amazing and I felt like I mattered. Little did I know people noticed me because I looked ill, and my skeletal frame. I battled with anorexia for 3 years. Amazingly this song gave me the strength to get help. I've been well for 2 years now, but every day is still a battle.
Just remember, you are not alone and there are people out there who know what is happening and what you're going through and you can beat it.

iChubby | Reviewer: :(
    ------ About the song Courage performed by Superchick

I am 12 and I weigh 142.5 lbs and I feel chubby I am not fat at all other than my huge thighs, my stomach so big I look pregnant, and a tiny bit of a double chin. I have been considering starving myself and I did it for 2 days but I lost NOTHING AT ALL WHATSOEVER. :( I listen to this song and I feel like... I'm not alone. :') but in school I am bullied and I wear a coat all the time to hide most of my fat. I just remember I am not alone.

I dont know what to do.. | Reviewer: Bree
    ------ About the song Courage performed by Superchick

Im Bree and Im 15. I weigh 180lbs. I self harm and Im addicted to the pain. I tried starve before but food always gets me. Last night I was told by the guy that I was kinda sorta talking to, that Id be perfect for him if Id lose my fat. I cried so much. This used to be a trigger song for me to self harm because of my appearance. Ive been struggling from self hate for 5 years now. Its an on going battle.
I read most of yall posts and I love every single one of you. Im not going to say what everyone else says.."that its going to be okay" because the truth is, sometimes things arent okay.
We all have a struggle and I want to be there to tell you all that I AM HERE. Im not going to leave your side. If you EVER have ANYTHING to say or to express or just need someone.

KIK me @ differentscream1118.
My tumblr account is ...

Please be open to me if you ever need ANYTHING.
I care and love you all.
God will take good care of you loves.

wanna be beautiful <3 | Reviewer: kassidy
    ------ About the song Courage performed by Superchick

i used to be bullied in school all my life until i started home schooling. all those hurtful words of being called fat & ugly. weird & stupid. but all those words never left. im about 4'8 feet tall & i use to weigh about 125lbs. i started loosing weight a healthy way and lost 30 lbs. then when i was 105 i still felt the need to be thinner. i still didn't have a thin stomach & to me my thighs where huge. so i started eating only supper & doing a lot of activity's. i then lost another 10 lbs. im now 95 lbs & yet again i feel huge. its like a never ending war with myself. im 15 now & i started skipping all the meals i could & tried to throw up my food. after i eat i feel soo guilty but..i just want people to like me..i just want to feel beautiful xoxo

Toothbrush | Reviewer: Fatty McFatgirl
    ------ About the song Courage performed by Superchick

I am 12 years old and im 186 pounds. I hate how i look *sniffles* i am 4'11 and i want to get skinny! All the boys at my school touch me and they play with my fat. Its so embrassing i hate it. i eat mcdonalds all day then at night when everyone is sleeping i stick a toothbrush in my mouth 3 times so i through up. I feel wonderful. I've been doing this for 2 months now and im already 83.5 . My mother wonders "whats going on" and i respond shut up the fuck up. She feels sad and buys me more food which is why i hate her. I want her to be me so she can see how it feels. I hate my life but i love food. So dont ever in your entire life let boys touch you and make fun of you its embrassing you will hate it *sniffles*

best friend | Reviewer: sally
    ------ About the song Courage performed by Superchick

my besr friend just got anorexia (shes in hospital getting professonal help) and i have no idea what to do i feel worthless and like i cannot help! i know it is 100000 times worst for her, but i want to support her and help her get better but i have no clue how to do that :/

life with no food | Reviewer: madelyn
    ------ About the song Courage performed by Superchick

hey gurls, im madelyn and im 13 years old, i am currently 5'4 and i weigh just under 90 pounds. i have been struggling with anorexia for just about a year. when i was 12 i had a height of 5'3 and i weighed just about 140. i knew i felt gross and i wanted to be able to go to the beach in a bikini when summer rolled around. so all of my 7th grade summer i was on a strict diet of about 1200 calories a day and 1 hour of running. after 1 month went by i saw little results in my figure but the scale said i was 130, my target weight was 115. all i thought was "omg, my summer is half over and i still look like a bucket of fat" i was always pinching my stomach fat and jiggling my thighs. so after 1 week i only lost 1 pound i decided to go DRASTIC, i stopped eating all together. occasionally i would eat a handful of nuts but after i saw the calorie count on them i stopped that too. with only 3 weeks left until school i HAD to do this. i lived off of only tea and 2 pieces of fruit a day, i started to weigh myself every day. as 1 more week flew by i was happy to find that i lost 10 pounds and i was 120, however i STILL couldn't see any change in the mirror. my family was concerned and started watching my weight as they measured me on the scale every night. little did they know that i had 6 ankle weights on :). as i kept losing weight they called the doctor and i was soon diagnosed with anorexia. but still to this day i cant see myself in my mirror as skinny. so i still diet.

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