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What started as a vision for a one-girl revolution has multiplied into an army of nonconformists who believe in themselves and their ability to affect change. So defines the impact of Superchic[k], a Chicago-based band whose albums inspire, empower, and entertain with a call to rise above society's unhealthy trappings. Superchic[k] is ready for another round, and the band's new album, Beauty From Pain, breathes fresh life into their relentless search for the next young revolutionary.
The band's previous albums - Karaoke Superstar, Last One Picked, and the remix disc Regeneration - ignited the radio with such hits as "Hero," "Get Up," "Barlow Girls," "So Bright (Stand Up)," "Na Na," "Me Against the World," and "One Girl Revolution." While listeners embraced the band at radio, the press, likewise, featured Superchic[k] with prime coverage in the New York Times, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Bop, and ReMix magazines.

Superchic[k], featuring vocalist Tricia Brock and vocalist/guitarist Melissa Brock, bassist/vocalist Matt Dally, lead guitarist Dave Ghazarian, drummer Brandon Estelle, and keyboardist/DJ/producer Max Hsu, raises the bar musically and lyrically with Beauty From Pain. While still packed with punk-pop anthems, the new album delivers more diversity, stylistic blends, and emotional range. It's a unique combination of punk-rock riffs, hip-hop beats, and R/B melodies intertwined with solid songwriting.

While Karaoke Superstar addressed self-esteem issues and Last One Picked delved into real stories inspired by fans, Beauty From Pain takes an in-depth look at the artists' personal lives. Over the past year, most every band member faced the breakup of a serious relationship, and as these painful moments took root, the band naturally allowed the experiences to flow into the songs.

"The title Beauty From Pain sums up those relationships," says Melissa. "We all go through these hard times, but in reality, there is a beauty in that pain because it makes us stronger people and prompts us to lean on God in a way that we never have before. When a relationship is over, as much as it hurts and as hard as it can be, God is the One who is still there," she says.

"There's a lyric in Beauty from Pain that says, 'Though I don't understand why this happened, I know that I will when I look back someday,'" adds Max. "When you are in that dark place, hope can be an elusive thing to find. Some days you just have to grind out the pity party. For us, we've found redemption from these times. Beauty from Pain represents the hope that has emerged," he says, "and we've come out wiser, stronger and smarter."

Adds Tricia, "The songs won't bring you down. But if you are down, this album lets you know that you're not alone."

In the end, the band spent nearly a year and a half composing the album and six months recording it. And with such a personal album, the band was reluctant to release Beauty From Pain until they felt it was completely ready. While the band continued to tour during this time, Max stayed behind to work on the album, and the other members would fly home between shows for marathon recording sessions.

"I feel like we've finally hit our stride musically," says Max. "On this album, the entire band contributed and we really poured ourselves into the process. We want to make cool music, but more importantly, we want to change kids' lives," adds Matt. "If any of us lives this life without making a difference, we are just wasting the gifts and talents that God gave us," he says.

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Miranda | Reviewer: Miranda | 4/16/13

I LOVE SUPERCHICK!!! I am doing your song for my music project and i am gonna get a good mark on it im sure! buti cant find who your composers and writers are for the song stories (down to the bottom) :( my favourite song is anthem because its really fun and energetic and i just love rocking out to it outside in the summer and in my room in the winter! i love you guys loads!!!

Happiness from Hell | Reviewer: Gary Funk AUS | 7/19/11

I listened to Superchicks We live, we love for the first time, in 2009. My Christian wife left without warning and took our 3 month old twin boys away. I looked everywhere for peace and answers and then heard their song we live, we love and we forgive. Wow it really answered my questions about life. I am coming out of the tunnel and am begining to understand the preciousness of life and the pain that we must go through to gain the most important things in life, children, family and of course God! Thanks so much guys, i love your music. Gary

Made Me Feel Like I Wasnt Alone | Reviewer: Amanda | 6/5/11

Superchick is amazing. They helped me through some very hard times... the song Courage was what the last year of my life was like but thats in the past now. Even though I didnt know these people, they gave me hope and made me feel better about myself and not alone!

With Hope | Reviewer: Jodi | 1/24/11

Life has been hard since one of my good friends and her family were killed. and both my grandparents passing on and losing my mother. Life was very hard and then i went to St. Louis with a church group to a super chick concert and loved it. The lyrics made me stop and think and to this day i still love and listen to there music

Superchick Rocks! | Reviewer: sandra garciadeleon | 3/31/10

I love this band their music has helped me get threw the most devastating times on my life. it's amazing how the lord uses music to administer to the hurt and lost.I bought rock what you got and I play it all the time! Great album! THANKS SUPERCHICK AND GOD BLESS!

I Luv Superchick!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/10

I love Superchic[k] their songs are amazing. I really connect to them! I've been down the last couple of days cuz my friend doesn't like life, so I've been listening to their songs more than ever. I love Beauty From the Pain, One Girl Revolution (Battle Remix), Stand In The Rain, Wishes, We Live, and Pure. Thanks Superchic[k] for writing these amazing songs! I loved your concert!

Superchick I love you | Reviewer: kenedy | 12/27/09

Superchick's songs have helped me get through tough times. I don't know if i'd b here today if it wasn't for her. I have many hard times in my life, and im glad God made superchick. I am obsessed with her, im listening to her music on my ipod 24/7. I just want to say, I love you Superchic[k]!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/09

i have been going through a tough time with a lot of problems that have caused my depression. and when i first heard superchick i was amazed at how real the lyrics where. and most bands that i listen to are for just singing or the music but his band is a triple threat. great lyrics, vocals and music. it just blew me away and the more i listened to it the better i felt. and i started helping others and voulenteering my time more. that you superchick for the insperation.

Amazing... | Reviewer: Icy | 2/6/09

I found Superchic[k] completely by accident on Youtube. I haven't had the privelage to go to their concerts or anything but I listen to them so much. I suffer from depression so whenever I'm down I listen to one of their songs, mostly "Stand In The Rain" because I can relate to them all. I can even relate to "Hero" and "Courage". I'm Wiccan, so I'm not Christian at all, but their morals and beliefs are similar and they've inspired me to not only help myself, but to help change other's lives as well. So far, I've helped every person I've met with something in their lives now, whether it was my cousin and her cutting or my best friend and her anorexia, I've helped as many people I can and plan to write to inspire others to do the same. I can't write songs, but I can rite stories really well and I'm going to try with that.
I'm proud to say that I'm grateful to them.

My fav band in da world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jessie [b] | 3/14/08

I just luvvvvv superchick!!! they have changed my outlook on life for the better i recently got their albem beauty from pain & hav listened to it for the past @ months straight!!!!! even though my friends dont really like them i still do!!! I LOVE SUPERCHICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You've given me hope | Reviewer: JennaIce,OTOWWA 4EVER! | 7/3/07

At first, when I listened to their music, I just listened to the music, but recently I've been more interested in their lyrics. I used to be belimich, and until I heard their song "Courage", it changed my life forever. It made me think about what I was doing to myself, and I relized I was only hurting myself. But I've become a new person, and not just health wise. My morals and belief system have changed too. I know now that music is not only about entertaining the world over, but also about changing them. Listening to songs can change your mood, and more. I have been inspired to take up song writing myself. Thanx for reading. Byebye now!

BEST BAND EVER!! | Reviewer: Abbatron | 6/16/07

When I first heard Superchic[k] on KLOVE, I went to and emailed some lyrics to find out who I was listening to. It was SUPERCHIC[K]!!! Now I LOVE them!! I saw them in concert on the 19th of May 2007 at a church and they were just AWESOME!!!!! Now I am addicted to their music and am tying to start a band similar to them. I LOVE you Trisha, Melissa, Matt, Dave, Brandon, and Max!!! You guys are AMAZING!!!! You will never find a better band out there than Superchic[k]! Try them out on itunes or whatever!! You will not be disappointed!! I promise!! I have all four of their albums and I can't wait for the next one!!! Get your Superchic[k] asap and you will LOVE them!!! They are the BEST Christian rock group EVER!!! I LOVE THEM!!!
Superchic[k]'s #1 Fan,

~AGMF 2007~ | Reviewer: Laura | 6/5/07

Yes, I too were privaleged enough to be able to hear SUPERCHICK at AGMF 2007!! They were so amazing!! Great instrumentals and great vocals singing top lyrics! So good to meet them all too! They were all so sweet! Definitly a favourite which i would go see again if they came back to Oz!!

In Concert | Reviewer: Heather | 5/26/07

I'd heard Superchic[k] a couple of times on the radio for "Stand in the Rain", which I memorized near instantly. They're currently on tour and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to a sold-out concert of theirs up here in Maine.

This group is delightful; the message was strong. The first message from the band - before they even hit the stage - was that if people had the money, not to buy their merchandise, but to support children in third-world countries; committing would earn them a free Superchic[k] CD.

They came onto the stage to play and, man, did they rock! The only song that I had heard of theirs had been "Stand in the Rain", but every song they played I wanted to hear an encore of; between songs, they would explain either a song's background or, for "Hero", why they still perform it.

The music is fantastic. I'm not a strong subscriber to any faith, but this music is inspiring regardless; the talent is there, the lyrics are amazing, there is an actual story behind the song - rarity in songs these days. In short, they are a magnificent rock group - in style, taste, music, morals, and everything else that can factor in from one person looking in from a single concert. I hope to see a lot more from them.


I LOVE SUPERCHICK! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

I went to a Superchick concert with my best friend! It Rocked!!! Superchick is the most awesome band EVER! All the members are awesome and are great at playing/singing uplifting and inspiring songs while still sounding/looking cool! I LOVE YOU SUPERCHICK!!!!!! You guys rock!

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