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Supared Biography

Last updated: 04/29/2004 10:34:51 PM

Let's face it: How many rock albums with not a single "filler track" can you enjoy listening to in this day and age ? Let's say "only a few", shall we ? Without any doubt it doesn't happen very regularly that every spin adds more excitement to the listening session.

Under these circumstances the selftitled debut "SUPARED" is definitely already one of these rarities at its release date January 20th 2003. Partly this might be a result of the seemingly weird combination of singer Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween) and former Helge Schneider guitarist Sandro Giampietro, despite the fact that most of the music was composed by Michael Kiske . (ed. Note: Helge Schneider is a very famous comedian and Jazz muscian in Germany). The only important factors are the potential of the songs, the artistic expression and the enormous spectrum of musical styles, that deliver the atmospheric thread throughout the entire album. There is always something new to be discovered. Be it the driving opener "Reconsider", the brilliant, melodic rockballad "Ride On", the lively, quick "Hey" or the melodic, catchy pop-rocker "A Bit Of Her".

The evolution of SUPARED took about three and a half years: After his two solo efforts "Instant Clarity" (1996) and "R.T.S." (1999) Michael realized one important fact: "You can play Popmusic as a solo artist, but Rock is best written in a band environment. I really don't know any one great solo (Hard) Rock artist. Rock'n'Roll comes alive and gets to be real by the amalgamation of different characters of band members." It wasn't that hard to find suitable comrades-in-arms, but finding the right band name proved to be quite difficult: "I didn't want anything bumptious or cliché. I thought of dozens of possible names, but what sounded great at first, got dumped pretty soon after." says Kiske. The lucky hit SUPARED finally came out at the top.

At first, "just because I liked the alarming character of the color red. It was only afterwards, that I found out that there actually is a term "supered" for any kind of red fish. Now it all seems to make sense, as the fish is an ancient christian symbol," explains confessing christian Michael.

He definitely devotes a lot of time to quality songwriting, as fast food music never has been an option for Michael: "Already Richard Wagner coined the term "coquette" and I will never be like that. That is definitely not my cup of tea. One of my main goals is to let people know: this guy really tries hard, we can expect something special here."

Of course SUPARED aren't the only ones to set their standards very highly. As always in life theory is one thing, practice something entirely different. And here is where the wheat is being seperated from the chaff. It is not self-evident that heavy demands on oneself in all disciplines are actually satisfied. Should the artists surpass their own objectives effortlessly, it seems more than suitable to use the term "masterpiece".

And "masterpiece" sure fits "SUPARED" without any doubt, because in addition to the aforementioned highlights, the demanding foursome has to offer the grandiose rock ballad "Let's Be Heroes", the slow "Freak-Away", sensitive "That's Why" romanticism and a midtempo rocker "Hackneyed". All redhot pieces of glowing iron in a very persistant fire. "Music has to move deeply, arouse enthusiasm, shock, excite and emotioanlly seize the listener.", claims Michael Kiske and with their debut album SUPARED have fullfilled this demand.

Thus 2003 will kick off with a Rock highlight many have waited for, which hopefully will be seen live onstage, too. Not only to the audience's delight: "A band," adds Michael, "grows into a unit by touring and can only further develop from there."

Released 20.1.2003