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Charlotte Church Suo-Gan Lyrics

Last updated: 09/02/2014 05:11:03 PM

Hunan blentyn, ar fy mynwes
Clyd a chynnes ydyw hon
Breichiau mam sy'n dyn amdanat
Cariad mam sy'n dan fy mron
Ni chaiff dim amharu'th gyntun
Ni wna undyn a thi gam
Huna'n dawel, annwyl blentyn
Huna'n fwyn ar fron dy fam

Huna'n dawel hana huna
Huna'n fwyn y del ei lun
Pam yr wyt yn awr yn gwenum
Gwenu'n dirion yn dy hun
Ai angylion fry sy'n gwenu
Arnat yno'n gwenu'n lion
Titha'u'n gwenu'n ol a huno
Huno'n dawel ar fy mron

Paid ag ofni, dim ond deilen
Gurdda, gurdda ar y ddor
Paid ag ofni ton fach unig
Sua, sua ar lan y mor
Huna blentyn nid oes yma
Ddim i roddi iti fraw
Gwena'n dawel ar fy mynwes
Ar yr engyl gwynion draw

To my lullaby surrender
Warm and tender is my breast
Mother's arms with love caressing
Lay their blessing on your rest
Nothing shall tonight alarm you
None shall harm you, have no fear
Lie contented, calmly slumber
On your mother's breast, my dear

Here tonight I tightly hold you
And enfold you while you sleep
Why, I wonder, are you smiling
Smiling in your slumber deep?
Are the angels on you smiling
And beguiling you with charm
While you also smile, my blossom
In my bosom soft and warm?

Have no fear now, leaves are knocking
Gently knocking at our door
Have no fear now, waves are beating
Gently beating on the shore
Sleep, my darling, none shall harm you
Nor alarm you, never cry
In my bosom sweetly smiling
And beguiling those on high

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Suo Gan - One of my favourites | Reviewer: Barbara O | 9/2/14

I think Charlotte Church sings it a bit fast but she was young at the time. Rhydian Roberts sings it on his new Album "One Day Like This" and it is fabulous.

I wish that when people do reviews that they check their facts out. I learnt the song in my youth and it most certainly was NOT composed by John Williams as has previously been said. Its a WELSH lullaby that goes back to about the 1800s.

This is what it says on Wiki:"Suo Gân is a traditional Welsh lullaby written by an anonymous composer.

It was first recorded in print around 1800.[1] The lyrics were notably captured by the Welsh folklorist Robert Bryan (1858–1920).[2]

The song's title simply means lullaby (suo = lull; cân = song)."

I absolutely love the song and am proud to be Welsh!

Lyrics in English | Reviewer: Mike Collins | 3/6/14

This is a wonderfull piece of music and although it is fantastic sung in its native Welsh, I do not understand it ( not being a welsh speaker ). Having read the English words it has a powerful meaning and I challenge anyone not to be moved by it. However, this understanding is missed by many who listen to it and although I understand why Welsh people may object to it being sung in English; I know that it would make a massive impact worldwide if a good recording of this lulaby was released with English lyrics. A hit record just waiting to be made.

Inspiration Concert 16.12.2012 | Reviewer: Catherine Dakin | 12/6/12

I am a member of a fabulous choir call Inspiration run by a brilliant vocal coach called Gary Griffiths. We are singing Suo-Gan in our Christmas Concert in Leeds Town Hall on 16.12.2012 I love the piece although I am finding the welsh pronuniation quite difficult, in fact when I sang it to my Husband and asked him which language it was, he said German so that speaks for itself. I am sure we shall do it proud. hopefully I will manage to stay composed as it is a tear jerker.

Suo Gan from "Empire of the Sun" | Reviewer: Donna Baber | 7/24/11

A beautiful piece of music that lent a poignant but comforting mood to the scene in "Empire of the Sun" where the young boy, in a delusional moment, salutes the kamikaze pilots headed towards war. An
unforgettable scene!

My Great Grand Father - the composer. | Reviewer: Rhys Morgan | 12/2/09

This song was composed by Evan Thomas Davies - my great grand father. It is an honor that his work is still so well thought of.
I am a singer song-writer, releasing an Album through Sony Music in the new year. I will be doing an arrangement of this song to accompany the release.

Rhys Morgan

A couple of interesting facts | Reviewer: Brian Sandison | 2/6/08

I love this song but noticing a couple of comments above, I have to mention that it was not sung (but merely lip-synched) by Christian Bale.
It was also not composed by John Williams, it is as some have said, an ancient Welsh Lullaby.
In my opinion, it makes the film special.

Suo Gan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

I Love This Song (: We used to sing it in In my welsh School in my Youth. It sound fantastic in Empire of the Sun but sound better sang by True Welsh People :)

It was sung to me | Reviewer: Ruby | 10/31/07

This lullaby was sung to me by my late Grandmother. It's a part me and I sing/whistle/hum it to past it on for generations to come.

well.... | Reviewer: elizabeth | 9/28/07

This song is a traditional welsh song, from what I gathered, it is from the middle ages, and not written for a movie. Though it is rather neat how they used it in a modern movie! I'm singing it for my next Irish Dance competition in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

Actually... | Reviewer: Sho | 9/16/07

This song is as old as the hills and wasn't written for/by any movie or for Charlotte Church. It is a welsh lullaby of which nobody knows the composer =]

where it came from | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/07

This song was indeed used in Empire of the Sun, however it is a very old Welsh lullaby, and was not actually writen specifically for the movie.

the best song ever | Reviewer: | 8/18/07

my tears are falling like crazy when i first heard this song. i do not know whats the meaning then..but now i know .... i was just crying like a baby. make me want to see my mom and hold her. havent seen her for five years now.

Performer | Reviewer: George | 7/9/07

once again an amazing song
great to stir up pride
but charlotte church didnt sing this
It was written by John Williams for the film Empire of the Sun. A great song none the less

When i heard this | Reviewer: Kelvin | 5/20/07

The first time i heard it was in Empire of the Sun when Christian Bale was at the fence and he sang this song...excellent stuff and very touching

From heaven above... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/07

This is just the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Now that I know what the lyrics are, it is no wonder that this song captivated me as it did in my youth.