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Sunspots cast a glare in my eyes.
Sometimes, I forget I'm alive.
I feel it coming and I've gotta get out of its way,
I hear it calling and I come 'cause I can't disobey -
I should not listen and I shouldn't believe but I do,
yes I do.

She turns me on,
she makes it real.
I have to apologize
for the way I feel.

My life, it seems has taken a turn.
Why, in the name of God, would I ever want to return?

Peel off our skin,
we're gonna burn what we were to the ground.
Fuck in the fire
and we'll spread all the ashes around.
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I wanna kill away the rest of what's left
and I do,
yes I do.

She turns me on,
she makes it real.
I have to apologize
for the way I feel
and nothing can stop me now -
there's nothing to fear,
and everything that ever was
is inside a tear.

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah
Inside a tear.

Now, I just stare into the sun
and I see everything I've done.
I think I could have been someone,
but I can't stop what has begun
when everything is said and done,
and there is no place left to run.
I think I used to be someone -
now, I just stare into the sun.

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just thought i would share | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/11

i just read 2 very good album interpretations on TDS and The Fragile. google em and prepare yourselves for a very interesting read. should give you sa little more insight as to where he is coming from in regards to With Teeth.

The point of no return. | Reviewer: MSS | 11/13/10

The song, according to my perception, seems like a cry of lament and where a man has fallen so deeply into disrepair, that he recalls his past with contempt, as he can no longer be what he once was. He has forced himself to like the doomed life he is trapped in. He celebrates his wretchedness! He revels in his addiction. The song shows that in some part of him there is still space for remorse. He also reflects on his loss of intellect and self confidence ("Now I just stare into the sun.).

thistle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/09

I would also like to give my opinion about the last track RIGHT WHERE IT BELONGS.


A lifestyle made up of an almost entirely artificial environment; isolated from the natural world. A prison cell in which the bars are rarely seen.

Play the song... Think about it...

thistle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/09

Indeed you are all right, the music is for everyone to determine for themselves, and I have no right telling people what I think the song is about.... Some songs can be emotional for me because of the way I interpret them, so unless there's proof for the meaning, thoughts should just be shared. NIN kick ass

Perfect Review - LinkusMaximus | Reviewer: Grief Reaper | 8/3/09

Well done on the review, also firmly putting Thistle in place. This song is up to you to determine what its meaning is. Everyone is different for me it’s a collection of ups and downs leading to a kick ass vocal surrounded by an awesome beat. Almost like an annoying troll being beaten to death... *bliss*

To "Thistle," the person below me | Reviewer: LinkusMaximus | 7/27/09

I can't even begin to tell you how ignorant your statements are, and where to start exactly. From your presumptuous title, down to the very last sentence of your critique of everyone else's interpretation of this great song.

First off, this album has nothing to do with environmentalism, and a VERY easy search would tell you so. Second off, anyone familiar with Trent Reznor would realize that the beauty of his music is that it is open to interpretation; meaning, it is up for us to interpret what the lyrics and the songs are about individually. The great thing about his music, and he has stated this in the past, is that we as individuals are free to interpret the songs as to what they mean to us. He has seldom stated directly what individual songs mean.

"Sunspots" is one of my favorite NIN songs, and I visit this lyrics page frequently, but every time I did, I had to see this pompous review by "Thistle" slandering everyone for their personal beliefs of this song, when in ironic reality, "Thistle's" is probably FURTHEST from the truth. But the great thing about NIN is, you're welcome to feel for this song, and this album, any way you would like to feel for it. It is different for everyone.

Definitely a great song, and MY interpretation of it on a personal level concerns a particular woman whom I hold near and dear to my heart.

Trent you rock man, but i dont think many people have realized what your trying to tell them | Reviewer: Thistle | 5/13/09

your all wrong.. its about the earth and almost the whole album is about the PLANET.. i don't know why nobody gets the fact he is an environmentalist, duhhh.. listen to the last track "right where it belongs" he clearly is saying how we are all blind on the fact we are the ones in the animal cage and if the animals had any consciousness they would pity us for thinking we are so dominant with our ignorance to do what we please.. listen to the first track as well, and you will come to understand he is stating how he feels like the only specie who isn't doing anything to contribute the earth.. all the living things on this planet contributes in some way to help the planet flourish.. accept us humans!! i really wish people would do some research on Trent Reznor, before trying to understand his music.. nine inch nails is my favorite band, and with teeth was the first album i ever listened to. i didn't even have to research him to understand what his lyrics meant.. this album touched my heart, and when i found out what i now know about Trent it only made sense to me... he is just waiting to see how many people will get his point on the fact we are all part of the her (Gaia).. only his TRUE fans will come to understand what messages he sends through his lyrics..

Sunspots. | Reviewer: Callahan | 2/28/09

Are you insane Turk? [With_Teeth] is definitely not sub-par. It is the perfect blind of genres inside the album. Especially this song. This is one of the best on the album. Well, all the songs on the album are great.

Sub-par. | Reviewer: Turk | 4/14/07

Okay, I absolutely adore Reznor's usual thematic style, and this song is no exception.. unless of course you compare it to the rest of the album. This song by itself seems to represent more of his lyrical and musical prowess than the rest of the album.

Musically this album was very interesting, a change in direction to say the least. Lyrically, and I hate to say it, but the album was sub-par.

This song turned it around lyrically, showing the class Reznor wit and underlying crypticism.

Beautiful piece! | Reviewer: Jed Ilukowicz | 9/27/06

Agree with Frede here.
As for the message of the song... The best song about magnetism, lust, sex... Ever heard! Simply - beautiful.

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