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I'm Sunny Sweeney. I'm from East Texas, and if you talk to
me, you'll probably be able to tell that. If I get around
my friends or family from home, my accent gets thicker for
some reason and you will most likely need a translator. I
sing country music in a country band, and I play acoustic
guitar. I'm a pretty low key boring person when I'm off the
road, and my idea of fun is to sit my ass on the couch with
all three of my dogs sitting right beside me with a cold
beer in my hand and watching trash TV. I know pretty much
all the More...

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not quite kara | Reviewer: amanda
    ------ About the song From A Table Away performed by Sunny Sweeney

Uh no it means she was the other woman...and she's justified being with him bc he's told her (sweeney) that he was leaving his unattractive wife/gf who he doesn't love anymore. As a happily married woman all my sympathy goes to the wife who is the only innocent personin all this...I wish in the video the "other woman" told her and blew up that bubble she thinks she's in.

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