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Sunny Sweeney Biography

Last updated: 10/14/2012 12:02:58 PM

I'm Sunny Sweeney. I'm from East Texas, and if you talk to me, you'll probably be able to tell that. If I get around my friends or family from home, my accent gets thicker for some reason and you will most likely need a translator. I sing country music in a country band, and I play acoustic guitar. I'm a pretty low key boring person when I'm off the road, and my idea of fun is to sit my ass on the couch with all three of my dogs sitting right beside me with a cold beer in my hand and watching trash TV. I know pretty much all the commercials on TV and I sing along. I talk during movies. That's mostly b/c I can't hear that good b/c I stand in front of the drums too often. I have a dirty mouth and I should get my mouth washed out with soap more often. I am blunt and I say what I mean but I also mean what I say. I love the Grand Ole Opry and I am country music history buff. I LOVE the twang of TELECASTER guitars. I love watching guitar playin fools that sweat when they play even though it's 6 degrees outside. I love writing songs with bad ass guitar players. I love left handed guitar players and as it turns out, I guess I love European guitar players as well for some reason. I love music that moves me. Since you are wondering, most of what moves me is old school country, but I've been branching out believe it or not. I love players that get good tone and I mostly like male voices when it comes to singing. I'm attached at the knuckles to my phone. I text and drive.

I love taking pictures...especially ones that will bring back memories months and years later. I love people that inspire me. I miss my grandma (Dotty) and my grandpa (Poppy). I love my parents. I have three sisters and a bro. I have 8 nieces and nephews. I love them all so much , but I wouldn't win aunt of the year. I give gift cards for holidays b/c I hate being in the stores right before christmas. I procrastinate. BAAAAAD. Most of my friends are hysterically funny, b/c I enjoy being around funny people. I collect pigs. I have over 2000 pig things. I also collect spoons (the kind you get in a truckstop) of places I've been or someone else gets me from where they've been. I have what I like to think of as a "healthy obsession" with Merle Haggard. I LOVEEEEEEE chips and salsa, and I can tell from one bite of salsa if I'm gonna like the food at a Mexican Restaurant. I am horrible at keeping in touch with people. I LOVE sitting in a dark living room watching Coal Miners Daughter, Tender Mercies, and Almost Famous (in that order). I drive a grandpa. I don't like driving fast. I do love rolling the windows down and turning the heat on full blast and driving in the cold winter weather. I have some seriously talented friends. Johnny Cash was soooo bad ass. I like fishin as long as someone baits the hook and I can use a BOB. I like swimming in lakes. I like ... no i take that back... I LOVE CHEESEBURGERS, which I have started affectionately started calling Chaburgers. I love prank calling people. Yes, still. I love UNO and MRS. PACMAN and GALAGA.

I think everything used to be better including video games and music. I read the thesaurus and I don't care if you think I'm a loser. I love glitter and rhinestones. I love personalized guitar straps. I have a wall in my house that is covered with crosses....guess I collect those too... I am not domestic at all. I DO NOT COOK. I clean a little and I'm good at it, I just don't like it. I do however love doing laundry. Is that weird? I love "Footprints in the Sand." I don't read books, except Chelsea Handler's books and biorgraphies of people I look up to. I read trash mags. I hate flying, but I flew like 29 round trips last year. I am not real smart on a computer. I think my mom and my oldest sister are hilarious and they make me laugh harder than pretty much anyone on earth. My family has what we like to call horse teeth. It's like the Kennedy's but much poorer. I would wear jeans and sweatshirt to an awards ceremony if I didn't think I'd get in trouble. I HATE dressing up. I love the smell of cigarette smoke and gasoline b/c it reminds me of my grandpa. I don't like the extreme cold or the extreme hot, which is why I love California. Plus, there was no humidity, so my hair looked really good there HAHA! Candles are my thing. Smelly ones. I love iced coffee and am a total bitch until I have my IV drip in the mornings. If it's before like 10 and I'm not carrying a Starbux, it might be in your best interest to just come back later. I paint my dogs toenails. I brush their teeth too. I eat Luden's cough drops as candy, and I wanna swim in a pool of chocolate someday. Cheese is my weakness. I love every day of the week. My favorite colors are black and blue and red. I carry a koozie with me in my purse and I drink my beer out of a bottle. I'm addicted to soft sheets and I have over 100 pairs of jeans and I have a weekness for cute boots. Anything else? Just ask...