Sundays Lyrics

FORMED: 1987

vocals - Harriet Wheeler
guitars - David Gavurin
bass - Paul Brindley
drums - Patrick Hannan

The Sundays' musical career kicked off like a latter-day
fairytale back in the summer of 1988. Songwriters David
Gavurin and Harriet Wheeler had recently moved from Bristol
to London, where they'd written some material for a
four-piece band and teamed up with bassist Paul Brindley
and drummer Patrick Hannan. The plan at this stage was
simply to gain some live experience before even thinking
about trying to attract record company More...

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Review about Sundays songs
Lyrics make good sense | Reviewer: Gwen
    ------ About the song here's where the story ends performed by Sundays

I faintly remember the song from the early 90s, but a few years ago heard it in CVS, as many commenters did, and had to look it up by the lyrics I could remember. I was delighted to find it and have listened to it often. I find the lyrics make sense to me, and refer to someone who was probably someone's secret girlfriend and they had rendevous in his shed.(memories of the shed make me turn red) He may never had publicly acknowledged her, and she feels cynical and would like to make him feel some embarrassment over it(the devil in me says, go down to the shed, I know where I belong).Showing up in his shed years after their affair might cause him some embarrassment. They two had nothing in common but their studies (the books that you read, were all I loved you for) and she has but a few mementos from that time (little souvenir, from a terrible, colorful year.)

London 1998 | Reviewer: Maria Morais
    ------ About the song here's where the story ends performed by Sundays

I was in love for this song since I heard it for the first time in 1998 when I was living and studyibg in London. I came back to Brazil and only two years ago (2011) I remembered it again and could listend to.

Evocative | Reviewer: Chuck
    ------ About the song here's where the story ends performed by Sundays

I heard this song for the first time only a few years ago when my sister played it for me.It was one of those rare songs(for me) that I loved immediately.It evokes a sadness in me every time I listen to it,and sometimes it's good to allow yourself to feel sad.The lyrics are ambiguous and at times nonsensical but I don't care.It's still beautiful.For me, it's about the end of a love affair,and the pain afterwords.

Can't Be Sure | Reviewer: Names Have Power
    ------ About the song can't be sure performed by Sundays

Gods, I love this song. (Sorry, I'm rereading Percy Jackson, so excuse me if I use some of their phrases). Very nostalgic, since I used to listen to as a kid. I don't think that it's quite as good as Eisley, but that's just my opinion. (Eisley is one of my other childhood bands; I've been listening to it since I was four years old).

I remember seeing the video for this song | Reviewer: TJR
    ------ About the song here's where the story ends performed by Sundays

I immeadiatly loved it. I got the album that this album is off of, It's called: Reading and Writing and Arithmetic. If all you know is this song, you are missing out. The album is equally wonderful

Her Finale | Reviewer: Fini
    ------ About the song here's where the story ends performed by Sundays

I originally heard this song on a local FM station which was playing sets of 3 from each band that someone called in and requested.

I had just climbed into my car and started it up as the first of 3 Sundays songs began to play.

Without realizing what I was hearing, I had only moments before discovered my Love had been killed by a fuel truck wreck and the following explosion.

Funny, she used to love to scream, "I want to live life ON FIRE and go out in a BLAZE of GLORY!!"

The set was:

1) Love
2) Here's Where The Story Ends
3) Good-bye

My story | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song here's where the story ends performed by Sundays

My one year old son died in July of 2010 from heart disease and about a year after wards I found a wristband that I had to wear to go see him on the ICU unit of the children's hospital he was in. While there were many other pictures or mementos of him and his time in the hospital, as soon as I found it, I instantly started thinking of this song...."a little souvenir, of a terrible year...."

crush | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wild Horses performed by Sundays

1. think of your crush 2.make a heart with your hands 3.then kiss your hands while still making the heart 4.then put the heart where your real heart is 5.tomorrow your crush will ask you out 6. this will only work if you post this to your favorite love song

Ahh nostalgia... | Reviewer: Trista
    ------ About the song here's where the story ends performed by Sundays

I, like Lisa, was in CVS when this song came on & transported me back to nineteen-90-something when I was 18 years old. & I HAD to know after all this time who did this infectious song. & thanx 2 Shazam on my android fone, I found out immediately & downloaded it. & now thanx 2 this site, I understan d all of the lyrics, yay! This song is so beautiful, who couldn't fall in love with it? & I SO agree w/ Jacques, that human creativity is that thing that separates us from the other animals. I thought it was pretty interesting that I found that remark in this comment thread; I was putting deep thought into that just the day before hearing this song in the pharmacy... Odd coincidence ;-)

awesome and somewhat nostalgic! | Reviewer: maria victoria p.salita
    ------ About the song here's where the story ends performed by Sundays

remarkable!i can visualize a bitter-sweet memory of anyone including me each time this song is being played.this song can also be used as an o.s.t. or background music for a story to be written for a movie,or soap opera or even a story for a stage play .or probably a closet drama for one's enjoyment.i can absolutely feel the sentiments of not just the singer but the composer as well.all his/her emotions are reflected on the song as if you are peeking into a's simply amazing

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