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And we wait above a road.
We're turning to go home.
And the silence from the side of the car
Tells me everything and how we are.
'Cause there's no more trying to make this so right,
There's no more trying tonight.

And you know it's not so easy when you're all alone.
And I wonder if I'm alone in your head.

I know something is wrong, I just dont know what to do.
You say it's only me and that I'm so perfect for you.
I don't want to try no more, I dont want to make this right.
I just want you to be true to me, one time.

And you know it's not so easy when you're all alone.
And I wonder if I'm alone in your head.

Twelve days gone by since I have saw you last.
I'll give this one more try, I'll give it all my best.
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And I'll ask "What could you be doing that is so much fun?
without me by your side, without me by your side?"

And I will take a step back, and I'll let you ahead.
And I will take a step away and see if you come back.
Because there's no more trying to make this so right,
There's no more trying, there's no more trying tonight.

We'll never be the same.
We will never be the same.
We will never be the same.
We will never be the same until you're done.

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long distance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/10

Love listening to this song. Especially the part where he sings "What could you be doing that is so much fun without me by your side?" That really hits home. I'm completely in love with a guy who lives 200 miles away. Every time I visit him he tells me how I'm so perfect for him and I'm the only one he wants but he has a girl in his life. We just aren't together because of the distance after 5 years and it sucks.

& i will take a step away & see if you come back... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/10

ive had this song on my ipod for a while and i found it the other day, having never listened to it before. since then the playcount is about 30..
the end is the most meaningful to me, and the loudest when he sings.
i hate being with someone who never makes an effort, it drains you so so much. ive taken the advice of this song, and im not doing anything until they start caring because its making me ill, while im trying my hardest and he doesnt even care. im half temped to make him listen to this song.

so true | Reviewer: anonymous | 12/22/09

i know everyone can relate to this song at one point or another but it just hits home with me so much right now. i dated someone for almost 3 years and he just broke up with me. he's goes back and forth, sometimes telling me he loves me and sometimes acting completely indifferent. and at first he seemed so torn and confused but then he really pulled away and then found out about him talking to someone else. it's like he's started this new life too, with this new group of friends, moving forward while i'm still stuck in one place. and i keep putting myself through the worst of it looking at all our old messages and photos when we were so happy and i keep asking the question he asks in this song: "what are you doing that's so much fun, that's so much better without me?" i keep trying, i keep trying to prove how it can be but i know it's ruined now. i know it can't be the same knowing what has happened now. i just can't let it go. just really fits..

confused | Reviewer: bob | 12/16/09

I'm confused with the lyrics...reading through them I felt a connection because I am on the verge of a breakup with my girlfriend because of the hardhips of a long distance relationship...however further down the song it speaks about wanting her back and trying to make things right.."you say it's only me and that I'm so perfect for you." This is exactly what my gf is telling me, but later in the song it talks about how she is off with other people...?

perfect... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/09

this song fits my situation to a T at this moment. i'm kind of involved with someone that I absolutely adore and he says he loves me...but...just things aren't working and I never see him and the situation is just...too much at the moment

tear | Reviewer: just a girl | 11/26/08

so i sent the lyrics of this song to a guy i like alot he lives far away and it makes me sad. I herd this song from a friend and thaugt of him right away and had to send it to him mabey hell get the point i hope so >

we'll never be the same | Reviewer: tamm | 3/27/08

"We will never be the same"

My girlfriend always say this whenever we had an argument, a thing to be fight over. But when we think we're always right, that's the time we know we're wrong. Don't live life full of regrets. Watch what you are doing now.

hah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/07

you people are so emo it's ridiculous. why do you think these songs are so popular, in general? because EVERYONE can relate to them at some point or another.

get over yourselves. le sigh.

this being said, good song.

this made me cry | Reviewer: Julie | 8/9/07

omg, this is basicly exactly what my boyfriend told me when he broke up with me. this was exactly how he felt and exactly wat we were going threw. and when i listened to this song i just cried and cried because he will never take me back.

blah, this is life. | Reviewer: anonymous | 8/4/07

this is the deepest song i've ever heard. i cannot listen to it without crying, because i am too, that girl. the words are so simple, yet they describe my exact feelings. i guess this song kind of resembles how life goes. you lose loved ones, and no one can seem to fill that empty part of your heart. i think i cry when i hear this song because it makes me come to reality.. that this is my life and i can't change it. my ex and i will always love each other.. but never be the same again.

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