Summoning Albums

  • Let The Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame Album (1/1/2001)
    A Raw Power Is Rising
    South Away
    In Hollow Halls Beneath The Fells
    Our Foes Shall Fall
    The Mountain King's Return
    Runes Of Power
    Ashen Gold

  • Stronghold Album (1/1/1999)
    Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes
    The Glory Disappears
    Like Some Snow-White Marble Eyes
    Where Hope And Daylight Die
    The Rotting Horse On The Deadly Ground
    The Shadow Lies Frozen On The Hills
    The Loud Music Of The Sky
    A Distant Flame Before The Sun

  • Dol Guldur Album (1/1/1997)
    Ungbands Schmieden
    Nightshade Forests
    Khazad Dum
    Wyrmvater Glaurung
    Unto A Long Glory...
    Over Old Hills

  • Nightshade Forests Album (1/1/1997)
    Flesh And Blood
    Kortirion Among The Trees
    Habbanan Beneath The Stars

  • Minas Morgul Album (1/1/1995)

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